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You’ve Been Rooting for Slytherins All Along

When Harry Potter and the Cursed Child released in July, it created a lot of buzz for a lot of reasons (the most obvious being that it was New! Canon! Harry! Potter!). One of those reasons was that after two decades of the Harry Potter fandom widely accepting that there were three “good” Hogwarts houses and one “bad” one, the protagonists of Cursed Child were both members of Slytherin house.

Posted by Lauren Thoman

The Wonderful Adaptions of Oz

We’re off to see The Wizard! The wonderful Wizard of Oz. Or should we say the wonderful adaptations of Oz? The timeless classic The Wizard of Oz opened nationally in theaters seventy-seven years ago today. To celebrate this 1939 film and the L. Frank Baum novel it was based on, here are a few of our favorite film and TV adaptations of The Wizard of Oz.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

To the Interstate and Beyond: Geek Vacations for Sci-fi and Fantasy-loving Families

Top 10 Dragons in Literature

Dragons are one of the most popular mythological creatures in literature and have been enchanting readers for centuries. They're everywhere, from the ancient dragons of Greek, Roman, Norse, and Chinese mythology to the more modern dragons of today’s epic fantasies. They’re so popular that there’s even an official Appreciate A Dragon Day every January to “encourage you to explore the cultural significance of the dragon in your society and history."

Here’s a look at the ten best dragons in literature.

Posted by Sarah Brown

The Muses: Zelda Fitzgerald & Co.

The literary incarnations of Zelda Fitzgerald are, perhaps, the original Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Though the term wasn’t coined by critic Nathan Rabin until over 50 years after Zelda’s death, the various characters based on her bring life, spirit, wealth and power to their chosen suitors.

Posted by Nick Beard

The Star Trek Suicide Squad

The rise of the anti-hero has been long heralded in pop culture, especially in the era of Peak TV. The Tony Sopranos and Walter Whites of television have battled their inner demons as morally ambiguous protagonists. While this is a less common archetype in recent science fiction and fantasy films, there are a few who step forward to test their level of morality.

Posted by Nick Beard