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Winnie the Pooh Pop Culture Mashups

A little under a century ago in a small suburb of London, a boy by the name of Christopher Robin was born. As a child he was gifted a stuffed teddy bear, and together the two were the inspiration for the beloved children’s books about Winnie-the -Pooh written by his father A.A. Milne.

Posted by Sarah Brown

Literary French Fries

August 19th has been designated National Potato Day and really, could there be a more delicious holiday? Potatoes are a wonderful vegetable and can be prepared in a multitude of ways. You can boil them, bake them, fry them, mash them, roast them…ugh, man, do we want potatoes. The possibilities are endless!

French Fries are by far one of the most popular ways to serve potatoes and legend has it that they were first introduced in the United States by Thomas Jefferson. Supposed during his term as president, he requested that the White House chef prepare “potatoes served in the French manner” for a dinner party. 

Today we’re putting a literary spin on some french fries to bring you recipes inspired by books. The recipes below don’t list quantities, as you can use as much or as little of the toppings as you’d like.

Posted by Sarah Brown

Women Who Deserve Their Own Musical

A little over a year ago, you would not have been able to convince the majority of the population that a musical based on the life of one of America’s founding fathers would ever succeed. Let alone blow us all away with its incredible music, lyrics, and cast.

Today, August 18th, marks the anniversary of the Women's Suffrage Amendment being ratified. In celebration of this amazing achievement, we’re highlighting some incredible women from history that deserve to be immortalized alongside the likes of Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington in their own epic Broadway musical. Because women all earned that honor.

Posted by Sarah Brown

Top 10 Dragons in Literature

Dragons are one of the most popular mythological creatures in literature and have been enchanting readers for centuries. They're everywhere, from the ancient dragons of Greek, Roman, Norse, and Chinese mythology to the more modern dragons of today’s epic fantasies. They’re so popular that there’s even an official Appreciate A Dragon Day every January to “encourage you to explore the cultural significance of the dragon in your society and history."

Here’s a look at the ten best dragons in literature.

Posted by Sarah Brown

Books to Help You Prepare for an Alien Invasion

Aliens invading earth has been a classic sci-fi theme since the very beginning of the genre. There have been countless books, movies, and television shows that depict everything from a peaceful cohabitation (Star Trek, Mass Effect), to living in secret among us (I am Number Four, Roswell), and the almost total annihilation or rule of Earth (Independence Day, V, War of the Worlds). And with Independence Day: Resurgence arriving in theaters this Friday, alien invasions are back, front and center, in the media.

But what would we really do if we were suddenly invaded by an alien race, hostile or not? The following books provide good advice and strategies or words of warning to help identify, prevent, and defeat a possible invasion of Earth.

Posted by Sarah Brown

5 Dinosaur Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

Long after the dinosaurs toppled from the top of the food chain and into extinction, they continue to dominate pop culture. From books to movies to television shows, they range from the really good (Jurassic Park) to the really bad (Jurassic Park III) to the utterly ridiculous (Tammy and the T-Rex). But no matter how bad or ridiculous, they always draw an audience. If you know you'll leave the theater after Jurassic World is over and still want more dinosaurs, you’ll want to add these five books to your summer reading list.

Posted by Sarah Brown