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Comics to Combat Your Ongoing Food Coma

Your Thanksgiving guests have all gone home, but your fridge is still packed with food. It’s a never-ending food coma waiting to happen. Classic Thanksgiving conundrum, right? Well this year we’ve decided to do something about it. Here at Quirk Books, we’ve rounded up our favorite comics to keep your mind active and your eyes entertained as you scarf down your seventeenth turkey sandwich. Go ahead. Laugh in the face of that mid-afternoon nap.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Merry and Pippin’s Guide to Feasting

[Still from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, New Line Cinema]

Merry: What's wrong, Pip?

Pippin: I've learned something troubling, Merry. Very troubling indeed.

M: What's that, then?

P: Did you know that today is an American holiday called “Thanksgiving?”

M: I don't see how that's troubling.

P: And that Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with a feast?

M: What are you on about, Pip? This sounds like the best sort of holiday.

P: And that their Thanksgiving feast is only one meal?


Posted by Lauren Thoman

November Quirk Perk: Maple

Maple by Katie Webster: $3.99!

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Maple syrup is much more than a perfect topping for pancakes—it’s a simple and seasonal way to add welcome sweetness to every meal. From fast and nutritious entrees like Maple Tahini Chicken and Broccoli to more sophisticated fare like Maple Cider Brined Pork, these easy recipes will change your relationship with this familiar flavor.

And since maple syrup is paleo and vegan friendly (and naturally gluten free), almost anyone can enjoy such treats as Maple Bourbon Pumpkin Pie and Maple Pear Ginger Sorbet. Serve up the sweet taste of fall whenever you want it, with 100 no-fail recipes, plus tips on storage, substitution, and DIY syrupmaking.

Get the most out of your maple!

KATIE WEBSTER is a chef, food blogger, and food photographer specializing in healthy seasonal cuisine. Her cooking videos, original recipes, and upbeat food writing can be seen online at her food blog, Healthy Seasonal Recipes. She is a contributor to Eating Well magazine, Fitness, and Parents. She and her family live amid a stand of maple trees, which they tap every spring to make their own maple syrup.

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Fantastic Feasts and Where to Eat Them

It's November, which we all know means we have entered the best season of the year. We don't mean the winter season, or the holiday season, or a season of peace and goodwill to our fellow humans, although we guess those are great too.

No, we mean the season of food.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year's and winter holidays and all the family gatherings those are sure to entail, the next two months give us ample opportunity for shoving our faces full of every delicious delicacy we can find. In honor of this season of culinary splendor, below are some of the greatest feasts to ever take place in fiction.

Posted by Lauren Thoman

Book and Sandwich Pairings

Here at Quirk Books we love a good lunch. And if we’re being honest, we really mean we love a good sandwich. So to celebrate National Sandwich Day – yes, it’s a thing – here are some of our favorite books paired with the food that makes us want to read right through lunch.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Strangest Places Characters Have Dined

Summer is over, which means everyone is back in town. While it's great to see everyone again, the influx of people makes getting a reservation at the best restaurants difficult. Because of this, we've eaten in some unusual joints—but none have been as strange as the places where these book characters have dined.

Posted by Sarah Fox