9 Horror-ific Cakes for Stephen King’s Birthday!

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Today is Stephen King’s birthday and since scaring the bejesus out of him, like so many of his books have done to us, would probably certainly land us in jail we’ve decided the best way to celebrate the King (literally and figuratively) of horror is with cake. Stephen King inspired cake that is because we like to think he’d approve of us eating desserts inspired by his creations—gore frosted and all—to celebrate his birth.

So put the pig’s blood away and grab a fork, we’re eating cake!

We’ll start with what we like to call cake appetizers: Cookie pops! Lou Lou P's Delights has created Jack—aka Here’s Johnny—his ax, and his wife from The Shining for your nibbling pleasure.


Since we can’t have enough appetizers Lou Lou P’s Delights has also created The Shining Twix. *We are not responsible if you start seeing twins in hallways.


Want a little Johnny in your cupcakes? These brilliant “Meltdown” cupcakes created by Sachiko Windbiel for Sugar Spooks have Jack, Wendy, and Danny baking down directly into the cupcake for a deliciously creepy effect. Talk about biting someone’s head off.


If It didn’t traumatize you from ever being able to look at a clown then bite into Maureen Hemstreet's Pennywise the Clown cupcake, which was a runner-up in last year's Arizona Republic cupcake decorating contest. Or just run away screaming. Your call.

If like MsMabe’s mother, your favorite Stephen King series is The Dark Tower here’s an elaborate cake for you. *Warning the tower is a painted flower vase so, maybe, don’t eat that part.


Can’t be trusted to remember to not eat the tower? It looks like Salamanda's For Goodness Cake has a 100% edible cake.


AND Christine Thomas’ Groom’s cake is an awesome homage.


Maybe you struggle to pick your favorite Stephen King novel when asked? Then Mrs P’s Patisserie’s tribute cake, with some of his most iconic books, will surely satisfy.  We spy IT, Pet Sematary, The Shining, Carrie


If you’re shaking your fists at the computer aware people will stare at you if you lick the screen—and it would taste like plastic—here is a Redrum Cake With Boozy Cream Cheese Frosting you can make and really eat! You didn’t think we’d make you stare at all that yummy gore without letting you have some did you?