Gifts for Your Favorite Oscar Wilde Fan

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

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We all have one. That friend whose book tastes are insatiable because they’re devoted to Oscar Wilde. They named their pets after the characters in The Picture of Dorian Gray. They petition their local theatre annually for a production of Salome. They celebrate Wilde’s birthday each year on Tumblr and are the first to tell you about the latest adaptation rumors.

Don’t you think they deserve a present that fosters that fandom? In honor of Oscar Wilde’s birthday, here are five gift recommendations for the Wilde fan in your life.


Dorian Gray Book Scarf (Storiarts on Etsy)

Your friend won’t leave the house bookless, and with this scarf they won’t need to. But knowing them, they’ve read Dorian Gray multiple times. So this scarf can serve as the text of a dramatic reading in your local coffee shop. “I remember it! Oh, how well I remember it! No! The thing is impossible. The room is damp. Mildew has got into the canvas…”


Oscar Wilde Bookmark (Raspberry Finch on Not On The High Street)

This bookmark is perfect for those days when your friend is reading the work of another author. (Scandal!) Everyone needs a sturdy standby to hold their place and this bookmark will be sure to remind them of you and their main man Oscar every time they sit down to read.


Oscar Wilde Wall Art (PhobosArt on Etsy)

Every Wilde fan knows he’s one of the most quotable authors around, and this print will remind you of one of his most practical motifs.  This quote fits any décor, whether your friend is displaying it in their closet or hanging it by their bookshelf.  

Oscar Wilde iPhone Case (Leah Flores on Society6)

Every modern device deserves the Wilde treatment. This iPhone case, designed by Leah Flores, features the quote “Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.” If Wilde was alive today, he might express the same sentiment. But via text and followed by a well placed emoji.

Oscar Wilde Finger Puppet (The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild)

A more educational version of your stuffed childhood companion, this finger puppet is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for those days when your friend just wants to play out imagined rehearsal scenarios from the first production of The Importance of Being Earnest. (What? You don’t do that?) This gift also makes an excellent addition to the fridge – there’s a handy magnet, so Oscar can hold up this week’s grocery list.