Summer Survival Week: How to Foil a UFO Abduction

Posted by David Borgenicht

(Header image by Thomas Budach from Pixabay)

Talk about “stranger danger!” Here’s how to foil a UFO abduction, because as we know from Independence Day, not all aliens are friendly.



  1. Do not panic:
    The extraterrestrial biological entitiy (EBE) may sense your fear and act rashly.
  2. Control your thoughts:
    Do not think of anything violent or upsetting—the EBE may have the ability to read your mind. Try to avoid mental images of abduction (boarding the saucer, anal probes); such images may encourage them to take you.
  3. Resist verbally:
    Firmly tell the EBE to leave you alone.
  4. Resist mentally:
    Picture yourself enveloped in a protective shield of white light, or in a safe place. Telepathic EBEs may get the message.
  5. Resist physically:
    Physical resistance should be used only as a last resort. Go for the EBE's eyes (if they have any)—you will not know what its other, more sensitive areas are.




  1. Stay calm:
    If you become upset or excited, you are likely to forget important details.
  2. Accurately record the time at the start of the sighting, the time of any change of direction in the UFO's flight pattern, and the time at the end of the sighting:
    If possible, use a mechanical stopwatch, since close proximity to a UFO may prevent electronic instruments from functioning correctly.
  3. Sketch a schematic of the UFO's path in the ground:
    Mark your position in the ground at the start of the sighting, and draw a line in the direction of the object when first seen, for each direction change, and when last seen.
  4. Try to identify any horizon landmarks with regard to the UFO's position.
  5. If you have a video or still camera, record the sighting:
    Neither video nor still images carry much weight on their own, so it is essential that the images include reference information such as a tree, a mountain, or a skyline.
  6. Report the sighting as soon as possible:
    Contact the UFO Reporting and Information Service (206-721-5035), the Mutual UFO Network (830-379-2166), or the National UFO Reporting Center (206-722-3000).




  • Most sightings are in rural areas, away from bright lights, and near military installations. They occur most frequently during the summer months, around 9:00pm, with a secondary peak at around 3:00am.


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(Excerpt from The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel.)