Seven Superior Webcomics by Philly Creators

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

We don’t like to brag, but the city that houses Quirk Books world headquarters—namely Philadelphia—is pretty great. Not only are we the home of the current Super Bowl champions, and the origin of, you know, democracy in America, Philly also has a pretty strong comics game. Comics masters from Marjorie Henderson Buell to R. Crumb to Charles Burns to Box Brown hail from our town or chose to reside here. But this is Webcomics Week…so today we'll just point out some of the great webcomics that are available from Philly-area creators. As Ben Franklin said, "I don't always read webcomics…but when I do, I read ones created in Philadelphia."


We Are Here Forever
by Michelle Gish

In this deceptively adorable post-apocalyptic epic, the human race seems to have vanished from the face of the earth…and in their place, a hoarde of plucky purple creatures who couldn’t be more charming try to make a new start. Where did they come from, and where did all the people go? Like Adventure Time meets Cloud Atlas, it’s a weird, cute, and mysterious century-spanning tale, and we can’t wait for its secrets to be revealed. (Enter our Prize Pack sweepstakes, and you may win some neat WAHF swag!)


Orcs! and other comics

by Christine Larsen

Illustrator and cartoonist Christine Larson has drawn plenty of characters you’ll recognize, including some from the above-mentioned Adventure Time. But we also love her own creations, like her beautiful wordless comic Holy Diver and the stories she posts on her Tumblr, And it’s impossible not to love her ongoing series Orcs!, which finally gives a starring role to those fantasy miscreants everyone loves to hate.



by Peter Coyle

Philly teacher Peter Coyle seem like the exact person you’d want educating your kids: his short and sweet comic strips celebrate small and hilarious moments that he shares with his students. And only a comic written in Philly could include the phrase “Let me get that box jawn.”


Lorna and other comics

by Benji Nate

Maybe you’ve seen Benji Nate’s book Catboy (also a webcomic on Vice), which is about an artist whose cat turns into her cat-headed sort-of boyfriend. Well, her other comics are full of even stranger types, like stabby and murderous bad girl Lorna, the troubling story of Rat Girl and the faceless Void Boy. Don’t worry, it’s all strange and disturbing in the best possible way.


Genus and other comics

by Anuj Shrestha

The carefully-rendered drawings of Anuj Shrestha are so convincing that you might think he’s documenting sights he’s actually seen…whether it’s replaceable artificial ears or wordless oral histories of Syrian refugees. We just wish he’d complete his gripping conspiracy story about mysterious plant-headed people.


Weird Me and other comics

by Kelly Phillips

Editor and publisher (with compadre Claire Folkman) of the Dirty Diamonds series of all-girl comics anthologies, Kelly Phillips offers a treasure trove of webcomics on her site. Subjects range from superheroes to Weird Al to centipedes to Mount Fuji.


Frankenstein’s Support Group for Misunderstood Monsters

by Jared Axelrod

We’ll close out today’s list by reminding you to check out our own bi-monthly webcomic, right here on! Monsters are people too, more or less, and sometimes they need a little help finding their place in the modern world. Meet group leader Frankenstein, self-absorbed Dracula, pragmatic Baba Yaga, and the rest of the group here. And follow their story starting here.


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