Eight Webcomics You Should Read: Curated List by Caitlin Major

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

It’s all things webcomics at Quirk this week, so I have compiled a list of some of my favourite webcomics! There was a time when I would check for regular updates on my favourite webcomic sites, but these days I am an extremely casual webcomics reader. The endless social media scroll can be a blessing or a curse for the webcomics creator. Recently I have been relying a lot on Instagram and Twitter to find and read new comics, so forgive me if my taste is a bit eclectic.


Perfectly Normal Human Being

Luke Humphris autobio comic about his struggle with toxic masculinity and alcoholism is a huge hit on reddit /r/feminism and /r/mensrights, but for totally different reasons! I guess it’s a kind of personality test what you get out of it. It is funny and self-depreciating and sad and very real.



Indoor Graveyard

Keith McLean makes the funnies weekly at Indoor Graveyard. His comic is imbued with his very dry sense of humor, it’s a great read for those who long for the grave.




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Yuri Dori (NSFW)

Yuri Dori draws these adorable and unapologetic bad bitch autobio comics on Instagram. They’re sometimes NSFW, most of the time TMI, but her take no shit attitude always inspires me!


The Nib

I don’t want to sound too ignorant, but The Nib is my #1 source of news. Long and short form comics by a variety of cartoonists covering current affairs and social issues.


False Knees

I recently came across this comic on Instagram and instantly fell in love. Each comic is four panels of lovely watercolour painted birds with weird and wonderful dialogue in the speech bubbles.


It’s All For The Breast

Alexis Sugden documents the breast reduction surgery she had at age 18, and her struggles with gender and body identity and general teen angst. All of Lex’s comics are adorable and beautiful!


Shen Comix

Shen (or Owlturd) comix is one of those webcomics you find re-posted all over the place on imgur and reddit without attribution, because they’re so smart and funny. Shen can craft a perfect punchline in just one single image.


Chuck Draws Things

Chuck documents her struggles with depression and anxiety using an adorable pigeon avatar. This is another comic I came across recently while browsing Instagram, and instantly fell in love with. It might just be that derpy pigeon face, but something about it is very appealing.