Senior Superlatives for Pride and Prejudice Characters

Posted by Sarah Fox

Sometimes we get nostalgic for high school; we miss the pep rallies, learning new things every day, and the chance to cover our lockers with posters of our favorite books (or was that just us?). While we can't exactly decorate a hallway for spirit week, we can still relive the magic of senior superlatives with our favorite characters from Pride and Prejudice.

Most Intelligent: Elizabeth Bennet

It is undeniable: the girl has wit. She also has enough sense to turn down Mr. Collins when he offers her a less-than-attractive proposal. She was wrong about Mr. Darcy for quite some time, but she did eventually figured out he was a good guy. Nobody's perfect, right?


Biggest Wallflower: Mr. Darcy

The guy doesn’t like to dance. He is also not a big fan of flirting. He is the type of guy who would go to a high school dance and lean against the wall with a scowl on his face. That is, if he goes to the dance at all.


Biggest Sweetheart: Jane Bennet

Unless you are a Bingley woman, it is impossible to hate Jane Bennet. There is not a bad bone in her body. She sees the best in people, even the mean girls.


Most Eligible Bachelor: Mr. Bingley

We also suspect he would be Homecoming King. He is handsome. He is nice. And he lives in a big house that is ripe to host a rager. What is not to love about the guy? 


Biggest Flirt: Mr. Wickham

We have said it once, and we will say it again: the man loves the ladies. He is a guy whose dance card is always full and often runs into the unfortunate dilemma of having too many dates for dances. He inevitably has to tell one of them that he is not feeling well then crosses his fingers she won't show up on her own.


Cutest Couple: Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins

Wait… you don’t love a couple who is together purely out of convenience? Well, alright, there is something unromantic about a couple that gets together simply because they can’t do any better. Still, we can’t say we don’t love them.


Biggest Airheads: Kitty and Lydia Bennet

We cannot pretend to understand. They love boys, boys, ribbon, and boys. We imagine their lockers would be filled with Tiger Beat posters instead of books. 


Biggest Gossip: Mrs. Bennet

If you need information on anyone, Mrs. Bennet is your girl. There is no question too personal for her to ask. If she can't get it directly from the source, she will find other means. She is wonderful to have a conversation with if you want to be entertained, but be careful with what you tell her. It will be on everyone’s lips within the hour.


Most Likely to Fall Asleep in Class: Mr. Bennet

If he finds Mrs. Bennet’s delicious gossip tedious, we are pretty sure he would find math equations unbearably dull. He would definitely be out like a light when it came time to conquer factors.

Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox

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