Senior Citizens in Literature We Want to Grow Up to Be Like

Posted by Sandra Woolf

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They say with age comes wisdom, but what about all the other cool stuff? Yes, old people are cool. They play their own rules because who can reprimand them? They also tell the best stories, know interesting history, and most importantly they love to share what they’ve learned. So here are a few of our favorite seniors citizens we inspire to be like when we grow up.


Professor Minerva McGonagall

Potterheads have done the math and have concluded that McGonagall was seventy years old when the HP series starts. Not only is she one of the best teachers at Hogwarts, she is also crucial in helping Harry grow as a wizard and an adult. Bonus cool points, she can turn into a cat! McGonagall is an inspiring woman who taught many young children that rules and consequences, but she also taught compassion and to value friendship.


Atticus O’Sullivan

The oldest person on this list doesn’t look a day over thirty. In reality, he is a two thousand year-old druid with a talking wolfhound…so bonus points there. Atticus uses lore and supernatural powers from the Earth to fight evil fae who want to harm mortals. Atticus does this with wit and cunning that reflects his vast age. When you picture an ancient druid, Atticus does not fit the image, and that’s why we love him. Also, he once kicked Thor’s butt so that makes him pretty cool in our book.


Miss Marple

It’s not surprising that senior citizens make great detectives, take Miss Marple as an example. She’s observant, a good listener, and has used her many years to understand human nature. Miss Marple’s nonthreatening appearance gives her an edge on wrong doers who dismiss her because of her age. What they don’t see is her keen intelligence and sharp wit. Yet, she is still a sweet lady who wants to help keep her community safe.  Young sleuths could take a leaf out of Miss Marple’s book(s).


John Perry (Old Man’s War series)

When John Perry turns seventy-five he’s offered the opportunity to leave Earth and go fight aliens. Perry’s thirst for life and adventure leads him to the far galaxies of space. Thus, begins an epic space series that shows senior citizens can be a valuable resource due to their knowledge and years of experience. Perry doesn’t let age slow him down, and is a great example that’s never too late to make friends and spoilers fall in love no matter what stage in life you’re at.

Sandra Woolf

Sandra Woolf

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