Quirk Comics Club: July Recommendations

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

The gang at Quirk have been congregating for a monthly comic book club. Check out some of our favorite finds and recommendations from our July meet-up(s):


Recommended by Rick Chillot — Writer/Editor

 Masterful Marks: Cartoonists Who Changed the World by Monte Beauchamp

"Biographies of sixteen iconic creators, told in comics form. Almost every type of cartoonist is represented here, from Jack Kirby to R. Crumb to Dr. Seuss. Did you know Charles Addams dated Jackie O?" 

Godzilla In Hell by James Stokoe

"This new series from IDW proves that the King of Monsters is unbeatable in this life or the next. No dialog, just infernal monster action as Godzilla tears his way through the underworld. Can’t wait to see what happens next!"




Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians by Ricardo Delgado 

"Conversely, this series from Dark Horse depicts real-life monstrosities realisticly as spectacular animals in a complex ecosystem. The art is top notch and will transport you to Cretaceous age Africa for an all-dino immersive experience."


Recommended by Julie Leung — Social Media and Marketing Manager

Shortcomings by Adriane Tomine

"Adrian Tomine addresses Asian American cultural identity issues head-on with his signature style of 'cringe-worthy awkwardness.' In this short but thought-provoking graphic novel, I was left with a sense of strong empathy mixed with that feeling you get when you have to drag your friend aside at a party and tell them to get it together."


In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang 

"This is a subtle and sweet graphic novel about a girl who discovers World of Warcra…errr I mean Coarsegold, a massive online RPG game. There, she befriends a gold farmer, and gets a reality check on how real world problems can infiltrate even the most escapist of games. Jen Wang's illustrations were wonderful, and I closed the book itching to boot up my druid and go raiding."


Recommended by Blair Thornburgh — Assistant Editor

 4 Stories About Girls & Magic by Molly Ostertag

 "I read Molly Ostertag's Four Stories About Girls and Magic. It's got four short stories about…well, girls and magic. I loved her art (I mean L@@K at that cover!) and the stories managed to pack a full dramatic arc into very little space. My only complaint is that I wish it had been longer!"

Recommended by Mandy Sampson —  Production and Sales Assistant

Oily Comics

"I highly recommend anything from Oily Comics. This month I shared luv sucker 2, Bastard #1, and Missy #2. Forsman always delivers, I can't wait to see where Bastard is going, and Missy included a cool torn-out page. I work in Production, so the last detail really butters my bread."