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Here at Quirk, #we #love #Twitter. (Psst. Come follow us!) So we're incredibly excited to have three Quirk writers participating in the #TwitterFiction Festival 2014: Ben H. Winters (The Last Policeman), Ian Doescher (William Shakespeare's Star Wars), and Eric Smith (The Geek's Guide to Dating).

Read on to find out more and learn how you can write your own #TwitterFiction!

#TwitterFiction is all about using Twitter to create engaging, interactive, and interesting fiction with 140-character tweets. Staring at 9am on Wednesday, March 12th, there will be a piece of fiction featured 24-hours a day on the #TwitterFiction site until Sunday at 11:59pm.

While there are featured participants, #TwitterFiction Festival is meant for everyone to jump in and give it a go—so write up your own story and tag it with #TwitterFiction.

So follow Ben, Ian, and Eric for their #TwitterFiction stories, follow @twfictionfest for more info, and get your story ideas going!

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Blair Thornburgh

Blair Thornburgh is an editor at Quirk Books. A native Philadelphienne and apparent devotée of gendered demonyms, she makes a mean plate of scrambled eggs, a much friendlier cup of coffee, and would love to talk to you about (or in) multiple dead languages. Hwæt!