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Daydreaming is an age-old tradition for battling boredom. All it requires is an imagination and a bit of free time. Most likely, free time isn't a current issue, but if you're fresh out of imagination juice, scroll through these "If Authors…" blog posts for some what-if inspiration.



If Beloved Authors Had a 2000s Goth Phase

For World Goth Day, we tossed around recollections of saving up for a lace-trimmed skirt at Hot Topic or an album by The Cure, we wondered: what if some of our favorite authors were in high school at the same time? How would they act? How would they look? The following, friends, are our best guesses at how six beloved authors would make out as teenaged goths from the early 2000s.



What Would Author Acceptance Speeches Look Like?

While the Emmy’s haven’t created an award for Best Original Source Material – and come on, why not? – that hasn’t stopped us from imagining what that nomination pool would look like. And because we can’t bear to imagine any of our favorites losing, we’re dreaming up acceptance speeches for each of them.



What if Other Authors Wrote A Christmas Carol?

We all know the story of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol; it’s been retold and adapted enough times that it’s become part of popular culture. Certainly a great deal of its longevity has to do with Dickens particular blend of wit and pathos. But what if he wasn’t the one who penned the classic? How would A Christmas Carol read if some other authors took a crack at it?


Photo by Bry Ulrick on Unsplash.

If Beloved Authors Went to Burning Man

Each summer, Nevada’s Black Rock Desert undergos its yearly transformation into Black Rock City for just over one week of art, expression, and collaboration called Burning Man. Although Burning Man is technically a festival event, it’s become so much more than that since its inception in San Francisco in 1986. Art, expression, anti-commercialism and bartering are the key features of the fest for most, but for others it has become little more than a week of hedonism, the pursuit of pure pleasure in a desert city where anything goes as long as each of the tens of thousands of attendees are coming together to create joy, radical self-expression and share their talents as gifts for all.

Whatever it is, it certainly sparks a reaction, and we’re wondering what that reaction would be if some of our favorite authors of classic American literature were to attend Burning Man 2017 when they were in their prime.



If Famous Authors Played Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is like a big ol’ nerd umbrella, wide enough to accommodate many types of players. Do you like roleplaying colorful characters? Do you enjoy rolling dice, crunching numbers, maxing out damage? Do you have an epic world brewing in your head? You’re all covered. Additionally, the game’s focus on shared storytelling especially attracts creative people, from writers and illustrators to musicians and actors. That got us wondering how classic authors would play Dungeons & Dragons if they were alive today. Grab your D20 and let’s go!



Authors Who Would be Terrible at NaNoWriMo

In solidarity with those NaNo writers who slog away, despite little hope of reaching that winner's circle, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the best authors in the world, all of whom have had their works adapted for the big screen…and who would also be absolutely terrible at NaNoWriMo!


Photo by Yucel Moran on Unsplash

What if EE Cummings Had a Twitter Account?

Edward Estlin Cummings (ee to his friends) has been heralded as one of the most innovative poets of his time. He toyed with poetic form and noodled about with language to create a poetic style that stands as unique and compelling. What might he think of Twitter, which regularly shifts and twists language much the same way ol’ ee did? The results are surprisingly easy to imagine.