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Job hazard: When you’re working on a book titled Men With Cats, you get "men" and "cats" on the brain, and sometimes, "men cats." We were recently struck with the insatiable urge to make a "men cat" coloring page. We were having so much fun busting out the crayons, we thought we’d share. You're welcome, world!

Download here: Hipster Cat Coloring Book Page

*No hipsters or cats were harmed in the making of this coloring book page.

We’d love to see your colored masterpiece when you’re done! Tag us at @quirkbooks and use #mencats on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter

Jamie Canaves's picture

Jamie Canaves

Jamie Canaves creates for Dinky Cow, tumbles, chirps, writes, and loves everything ‘80s. Her happily-ever-after is living inside a seaside bookstore equally stocked with chocolate—please slide pizza under door.

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