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Last month, Quirk Books held a Contest for Bookstore Cats. Bookstore felines of the world were invited to compete for the chance to jumpstart their Internet celebrity campaign.

Competitor Cats were asked to command someone with opposable thumbs to take a picture of them “reading” the Quirk title, How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity by Patricia Carlin.

After much delipurration, a winner was chosen: Amelia of The Spiral Bookcase!

Dustin Fentermacher, the photographer of the book, also provided a couple quirky tips to help Amelia to seize her true celebrity potential: "Amelia's on the right path: cats plus books equal money. If she could do a series with this cat sitting on top of pages of books that make her look a part of the scene, that would would quickly skyrocket into the internet meme hall of fame."

Amelia's photo was also featured in today's Shelf Awareness. Thanks, you guys! 

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Suzanne Wallace

Suzanne is an associate publicist at Quirk Books. When she's not churning out press releases, she enjoys fairy tales, Welsh Corgis, and searching for an entrance to Narnia. If you've seen any mysterious wardrobes, please let her know. Email suzanne@quirkbooks.com with requests for press materials.

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