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Photo by Antonio Barroro on Unsplash

September 2 is International Bacon Day. As Quirk's resident bacon enthusiast, I thought I’d share some of my favorite pieces of bacon stuff from around the Web.


Shaky Bacon Necklace

I am a big fan of The World of Mr. Toast. They have fun animations, comics, artwork and products. Unsurprisingly, my favorite character is Shaky Bacon. And, Shaky Bacon has his own line of products including a great necklace to wear your pork pride proudly.


The Breakfast Club Throw Pillow 

This playful re-imagination of The Breakfast Club movie poster with actual breakfast foods is amazing. In the simplest of terms, each one of us is an orange, and an egg, and a piece of toast, a slice of bacon and a cup of coffee. Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.


Bacon Explosion

This legendary recipe exploded onto the Internet in 2008 via the BBQ Addicts web site. And, that summer, I prepared this piece of pork perfection for a guys' weekend. While the above photo displays my results, it cannot completely convey the experience of eating it. Make it. Share it with friends. Trust me.

Bacon Awesome: My son created this recipe. When he was 5 years old. And, he named it. It’s a simple concoction that blends sweet and salty flavors. 1 part crispy bacon. 1 part Frosted Flakes. Mix together. Eat in a bowl as breakfast. Or, serve it in a large bowl at a party. No need to thank me.


Hit me up on Twitter (@BaconTheBooks) and let me know how you are celebrating International Bacon Day. In the meantime, enjoy this bacon-friendly video.

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