Grilled Artisan Whole Grain Pizza with Pepperoni, Tomatoes, Spinach and Bacon

Have you ever had a grilled pizza? Well, you’re in for a wholesome treat! This delightful, light and easy artisan pizza is extraordinary!

How many times have you yearned for pizza but it’s been too hot to turn on the oven? This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy the nice weather, and let the outdoor grill do the work for you. Use store-bought artisan pizza dough or buy the uncooked pizza dough from your regular pizza place. Lightly brush the top with extra virgin olive oil, seasonings and grill a few minutes. Then layer on the toppings – meat, some favorite vegetables, peppers, onions and all.

Return the entire pizza on the grill. Before you know it, the blended aroma of pepperoni, cheese and tomatoes will float around the air. You’ll know then your pizza is ready. Top it with some crisp bacon slices and your grill-licious pizza dinner is ready!

Grilled Artisan Whole Grain Pizza with Pepperoni, Tomatoes, Spinach and Bacon


· 1 can (13.8 ounces) frozen artisan pizza dough, whole grain (or use plain frozen pizza dough if preferred)

· Extra virgin olive oil, for brushing on pizza

· 1 Tablespoon garlic powder

· 1 teaspoon black pepper powder

· 2 teaspoons red pepper flakes

· 1 cup shredded cheese

· 1 cup pepperoni slices

· 1 whole tomato, sliced

· 1 whole medium onion, sliced

· 1 cup baby spinach, washed and trimmed

· ½ pound bacon, about 8 strips

· 1 medium green or red pepper, seeded, sliced, white membrane removed

· Red Devil hot sauce, for sprinkling


· Thaw frozen pizza dough on the counter at room temperature, for about 30 minutes. Roll out and brush lightly with a few tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Sprinkle top of pizza with garlic powder, black pepper and red pepper flakes.

· Prepare outdoor grill well. Clean grates thoroughly. Spread cooking spray on grill top. On pre-heated medium heat of outdoor grill, place the rolled out pizza dough. Grill this for 8 to 9 minutes. Do not pre-grill longer than this amount of time, the dough burns fast. Turn the pizza dough around so it does not burn, and for even grilling.

· Take pizza dough off the grill and start layers of toppings.

· Brush another light layer of extra virgin olive oil. Spread out the following toppings : pepperoni slices, tomato, onions, spinach, green or red peppers, shredded cheese.

· Place the pizza with toppings back on the grill. Over medium heat, grill for 8 to 10 minutes. Turn the pizza around if bottom starts to burn. This cooks very fast.

· In a separate skillet, cook the bacon strips. Lay the bacon strips on a medium, dry skillet and cook over medium high heat. Lower heat to medium if the skillet gets too hot. The bacon strips will get crisp in about 9 to 10 minutes. When done, remove bacon strips and drain on paper towels.

· Meanwhile, the grilled pizza and toppings will be cooked in 10 minutes. Remove from the grill. Top with crisp bacon slices. Sprinkle hot sauce liberally all over. Serve hot with good beer or wine.

RECIPE NOTES: Be sure to have very clean grates on your grill. Apply cooking spray liberally so pizza dough does not stick on surface. For toppings, you can use mozzarella cheese or any type of shredded cheese preferred. You can also brush some tomato sauce on the pizza dough if desired. But try to layer lightly. The pizza grills better if layers are light and do not weigh down.