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Alas, Quirk fans. It's that time. We're saying goodbye to Hank Palace as Ben H. Winters' trilogy comes to close with World of Trouble. But, we've been trying our best to send him out in style. There's the pre-order campaign, a reverse blog tour on Ben's personal blog, an upcoming book tour, and the official blog tour for the book.
Man, that's a lot of tours in that sentence. Sorry.
Below, you can check out the dates and stops for Ben's blog tour, which kicks off today on The Book Smugglers. Be sure to bookmark these blogs, and keep an eye out for the posts! 
Monday, July 7th: TheBookSmugglers.com
The End of a Series: The tour launches with Ben H. Winters on the challenges of finishing a book series and tackling a trilogy.
Tuesday, July 8th: ReaderofFictions.com
The Making of a Book Trailer: The book-trailer for The Last Policeman revisited, a discussion with Opie Cooper and Ben H. Winters. 
Wednesday, July 9th: PublishingCrawl.com
Ben shares some of the best writing advice he's ever gotten from his peers.
Thursday, July 10th: WellReadWife.com
Pre-Apocalyptic Fashion: What would it take to dress up as Hank? A post that details Hank Palace’s attire.                                           
Friday, July 11th: GeekyLibrary.com
Hank Palace, a geek? It's true. Ben H. Winters talks about the geekiest moments in The Last Policeman trilogy. 
Monday, July 14th: GirlsintheStacks.com
The Almost & Original Covers: Ben talks about some of the original cover ideas for The Last Policeman, as well as the almost-covers for World of Trouble. 
Tuesday, July 15th: LitReactor.com
#WriterWednesday: Research. What goes in to researching for a book like this? Ben H. Winters shares some advice. 
Wednesday, July 16th: MyBookishWays.com
#WriterWednesday on Loss & Character: A discussion / guest post on what drives a character in the wake of everything ending / losing so much. 
Thursday, July 17th: Qwillery.blogspot.com
Man’s Best Friend: An ode to Houdini. Ben talks about Hank's furry best friend in The Last Policeman trilogy. 
Friday, July 18th: EntomologyOfaBookWorm.com  
#FridayReads for Aspiring Mystery Writers. Ben discusses books every aspiring mystery or thriller writer should read.
Monday, July 21st: NewMusicalTheater.com 
From stage to novel, Ben talks about writing plays and how it helped him become a better novelist.