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Though the illustrations of Dr. Seuss seem totally surreal, there are oh-so-many real-life destinations that look like they've been pulled right out of his stories. Here's a look at four. 

Zao Fox Village - Fox in Socks

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Though we can't guarantee any foxes will be in socks, if you like the idea of playing with six different species of vulpines, there's a place for that. You can see imagery of foxes (or inari) almost anywhere you go in Japan. But for the real deal, you can observe and feed foxes at Miyagi prefecture's Zao Fox Village. In this mountainous reserve, you can hang out in a petting zoo-like area with some foxes, bunnies, and other animals. Or you can just wander around the greater reserve area where wild foxes roam free. The cuteness is guaranteed.


Hot Air Balloon Festivals - Oh, The Places You'll Go!

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Most folks get a copy of this book at some point of their lives, right? Before the story gets into all the pitfalls of the real world, there's a lovely scene of a sky full of hot air balloons. That scene, of course, isn't literally about hot air balloons, but about what it's like to be on top of the world and optimistic about the future. To find this scene in real-life, check out the annual hot-air balloon festivals in Tuscany or Turkey or Vegas


Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica - The Lorax

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Did you know that tree house hotels actually exist? We're particularly enamored with Finca Bellavista in Costa Rica. It's a sustainable, conservation-focused community which also reflects the message of The Lorax. Visitors get to enjoy all that beautiful Costa Rica has to offer: hundreds of bird species, natural pools, lovely waterfalls, whitewater rafting, zip lining/canopy tours, and more, but most importantly, adorable sloths. If you're looking to do some ecotourism, you can't go wrong here.

Singapore at Christmastime - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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Singapore is an amazing place to go for the holidays. Their love of the season rivals only that of the Whos of Whoville. Of course, there are other incredible Seuss-like sights to enjoy, like the solar-powered super trees at Gardens by the Bay which, by the way, also get made over for Christmas. Leave your Grinches at home and go, go, go! 


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