Pokémon Go Read!

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

UPDATE # 4: Last catch of the day?


UPDATE # 4: QUIRK BOOKS MAIN BUILDING, HOSPITALITY WING, 5:53 PM–Our incredible streak of catching literary Pokémon continues with the appearance of Margaret Zubatwood, a mostly nocturnal Bookémon attracted to dark themes and gloomy dystopias. 

That's what Paul gets for working in a dark office!

UPDATE # 3: QUIRK BOOKS MAIN CAMPUS, EXECUTIVE SUITE, 4:45 PM–Quirk Books President Brett Cohen proved his Pokémon-catching acumen by snagging a literary Pokémon who appeared in his office unannounced (something no Quirk staffer would dare to do).

This Bookémon turned out to be Seel Gaiman, known for exploring the deepest waters of the subconscious while protected by a thick layer of evocative prose. What an appropriate encounter for our president, who's known around the office as "The Sandman" for his love of the Jersey Shore!

UPDATE # 2: QUIRK BOOKS SOUTHWEST SUB-BASEMENT, 3:19 PM–As the hunt for literary Pokémon continues within the Quirk Compound, we were excited and frightened to encounter George R.R. Magmartin, a fire-based Bookémon that we presume is also involved with ice in some way.

We hope to catch it and force it to finish writing its latest book. More updates to come!!!


QUIRK BOOKS BUILDING, 2ND FLOOR, 2:01 PM–We caught another literary Pokémon lurking in the Quirk Books office:

That's right, it's William Shakespearow. At first catching this one seemed like it was much ado about nothing. But quickly it becme a comedy of errors! Watch for more updates as we continue to search for bookish Pokémon (Bookémon?).

Like the rest of the known world, we at Quirk Books HQ are totally consumed by Pokémon Go! But we never realized how many Pokémon are based on famous characters and authors from classic and popular literature. In fact, almost ever Pokémon we've caught seems to reflect our love of reading. Coincidence?


Just around the corner, we spotted Twainacool hovering near a mailbox (probably sending us an unsolicited manuscript). His main attacks: acidic wit, satirical tentacles.


Then we found Poeduo, who seems easy to catch because he just kind of floats there morosely. But when those two heads keep repeating "Nevermore! Nevermore!" over and over again, it makes you wish you were bricked up inside a wall.


In our office we snagged the rare Voldemorb, who we're pretty sure is trying to wipe out all the mugs in the building.


And we're still trying to catch Katniss Everpidge, but every time we get close something catches fire.

Are there more literary Pokémon on our premises, and can we catch them all? Check back for updates!