Geeky Backpacks for Fictional Characters

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Summer's not over yet, but we're still crying in preparation for the end. The one upside is all the back-to-school goodies we get to buy. We’re going full on wear-our-love-on-our-backs when it comes to bookbags. 

We aren't alone. Our fictional counterparts have their school gear picked out and ready to go.

Darlene from Mr. Robot would love to mess with people’s minds with this 2D Bag Arcade Backpack. Trippy! The only thing that would make this cooler is if she busts out her Space Invaders arcade tin and offers us candy. She also has the perfect item on which to jot some quick notes—the Super Mario Bros. 3D Motion Notebook.


Shark Week isn’t long enough to satisfy Rafael, but he can have sharks on the brain all year thanks to this Shark Backpack. Wouldn't it be the greatest diaper bag ever? He just needs to pin his Love Shark Enamel Pin to it and feed his Shark Pencil Case some writing utensils. Mateo can totally use them when he's older, but they'll secretly always be Raf's. #TeamRafael


It's clear which side Lucious Lyon has chosen with his Star Wars Darth Vader Molded backpack. Or is it? Inside you’ll find his R2-D2 Power Bot, Force Awakens pencils, and his Saga Continues Pullover for those classrooms that are freezing.


Rory Gilmore would go NUTS for this one. Her bookish soul—and ours—sings every time she dons this Old Book backpack. Inside she has her Moby Dick bookmark set and Shakespeare lip balm. Those lips need to be ready for spontaneously reciting monologues in iambic pentameter. 


The beginning of the school year can be chaotic with new information, remembering schedules, and meeting new people. This Disney Alice in Wonderland Slouch Backpack is all kinds of perfect, because Alice is definitely an ace when it comes to new situations. To stay hydrated, even if Alice says it’s dangerous to drink and eat things, so we’ve got our Alice Through the Looking Glass Water Bottle tucked inside. We’re also prepared if it rains with our Alice in Wonderland umbrella.

You know who could have used this backpack when she fought the Sammich’s guy on Young & Hungry? Sofia! We got your back, Lil So-so!


Scott Pilgrim would be all over Pokémon Go, so it's only fitting to pair him up with a Pokémon backpack. And, of course, this matching Pikachu binder. It's Scott Pilgrim vs Pokémon, and he's prepared. (Well, he will be, after he finishes this other battle.)


Louise would so rock this Rocket Raccoon Backpack Buddy. There's nothing more awesome than a raccoon with an attitude on your back. What’s inside? More awesome in the form of a Rocket Pencil and a Rocket Pen. Louise already has all the awesome needed to pull off this backpack. Her bunny ears and raccoon will learn to be friends.


If you’re already set with your backpack and school supplies we’ve also got some literary decoration ideas for dorm rooms.