Pog Totes: Geeky New Homes for Your New Gadgets

Posted by Madisen Ray

So you finally bought an e-reader or a tablet. Whatever your new gadget is, you’re going to cart it with you everywhere you go. To work, school, or the dentist, that sucker is portable and by golly you’re going to port it!

But wait! It has no cover! It’s exposed to the elements, the pens in your briefcase, and the keys and pins at the bottom of your purse. Your precious new device is far too fragile (and expensive) to not travel safely and stylishly.

Are you a Doctor Who fan? (Of course you are, don’t lie to me.) Then you definitely need one of these TARDIS or Dalek cases for just the right amount of stylish nerdiness.
For those of you who gravitate more toward the fantasy side of the Fantasy/Sci-Fi aisles of your local bookstore, this Game of Thrones case is for you. The owner of Pog Totes says you can even request to have specific house flags shown on your case.
The shop also has some retro gaming patterns, vintage-y bird and electronics patterns, and many more to peruse to find the perfect fit for you and your new gadget!

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