Paint an ‘Embroidered’ Sampler with Zombie-Preparedness Reminders

Posted by Margaret Dunham

Needlework: it’s everywhere in Jane Austen’s novels. No country mansion was complete without a series of neatly-made embroidered projects on display. Antique samplers have been found featuring everything from the ABCs to the planets! These days it’s hard to find time to embroider timeless phrases like “Of all the weapons in the world, love is the most dangerous” or “The more I see of the world, the more I am dissatisfied with it,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t feature them in a beautiful sampler!

With a tube of fabric paint used for textured designs you can get the same look in a fraction of the time; leaving you more hours in the day for practicing the deadly arts and stocking your doomsday shelter. Surely no hideout or underground bunker could really be complete without a cheerful, handmade reminder on zombie readiness!

You will need:


1. Write or print the quote of your choice onto the paper. This will be your template, so make sure the writing is thick, bold and dark. Tape the template to a piece of cardboard for stability.


2. Place your white fabric over the template, and tape it to the cardboard to secure.


3. Now you paint! Starting with small, light strokes, use your narrow-tipped puffy paint tube to make your design. Resist the temptation to “write” with the paint; try to imaging creating small dotted lines on the letters. Each dollop of paint should dry as a little bump and look like a single stitch.


4. Fill in a little of each letter and let the paint dry for an hour. Every hour, go back to the project and add some more “stitches.” Once the paint has dried, it will be easier to add more without losing the puffy, embroidered look you’re creating.


5. Allow the finished project to dry for 3-5 hours completely undisturbed.


6. Remove the tape and secure the fabric in your frame or embroidery hoop. You may need to insert some white fabric behind your project to make the finished project look less transparent. If you use a picture frame, do not replace the glass as this will make it impossible to see all your hard work.

Display your sampler in your favorite spot! Preferably over your emergency zombie go-bag or collection of Jane Austen novels.