Wearing Reminders to Write: Vintage Typewriter Key Necklaces

Posted by Sara Habein

Feeling nostalgic for the clack of your old Remington portable, but not ready to return to the days of Wite-Out? Indulge your memory of that mechanical clack-clack-clack with a handmade necklace from Rocky Mountain Accents. Based out of Denver, CO, Michaela Jenkins creates jewelry using vintage typewriter keys, and the necklaces are available in both one and two-letter versions. 3+ letter necklaces available by request.

Each item is made to order with a 20″ gunmetal-grey chain and a lobster-style clasp. Since the keys are taken from Jenkins’ available supply of typewriters, buyers are encouraged to double-check that their desired letters are available, as well as to specify if they prefer a white or black background.

Single letter necklaces are priced at $23, and additional letters are $10. Check them out!

Sara Habein is the author of INFINITE DISPOSABLE and lives in Great Falls, Montana. You can find more of her work at Glorified Love Letters and her miscellaneous thoughts on Twitter (@sshabein).