On the Spiral Staircase with Ivy Noelle Weir

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Ivy Noelle Weir started her bookish career at nineteen years old, when a reference librarian at the local library caught her crying in an alleyway after learning that the coffee shop where she worked was going to be abruptly shut down. He offered her a job as a circulation clerk, and what started as a part-time way to pay the bills turned into an award-winning career in librarianship and eventually, a Master’s Degree in library science. Ivy also holds a degree in art history, helps to manage The Valkyries and Valkyries Valhalla (two international organizations of female nerd professionals with over 800 combined members), speaks at events and conferences nationwide about comics and pop culture, and just celebrated the release of her first graphic novel, Archival Quality (about a haunted library, of course). Since coming to Quirk’s publicity and marketing department in 2016, she has worked with librarians, bloggers, and comic con attendees to spread the word about Quirk titles.


If you were stranded on Mars and could only have one book to read, what would it be?

This is difficult, because I’m not much of a re-reader (my TBR pile is too gigantic for that). Is it too on the nose if I say The Martian Chronicles? Or any Ray Bradbury, really. Bradbury was the first writer that made me think: “Hey, I could write about rocketships and maybe people will read it.” If I can cheat, I would say an omnibus of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, which are my favorite books ever.


Tell us about something cool you keep at your desk.

I have a battle axe. I guess I could unpack that further, but I feel like the photo is more effective on its own.


What's your fandom?

I’m a geekery omnivore, I love tons of different things. I have a pretty extensive weekly comic book pull list, and Star Wars and Studio Ghibli films are my lifelong loves. For the past year, I’ve been trying to pressure anyone who will listen into watching the Very Good Skating Boys of Yuri!!! On Ice.


What's an unexpected talent or side effect you've picked up while working at Quirk?

If librarianship gave me my basic skills in reader’s advisory, working at Quirk has made it my extra-strength mutant power. You want a book recommendation? A read-a-like? Only want to read a book with a blue cover? I’ve got you covered.


If you were a Quirk book, which one would you be?

Probably Paperbacks From Hell, because I am a fountain of obscure horror knowledge and have a soft spot in my heart for skeletons.