Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Totes

This past Wednesday, Out of Print debuted their Miss Peregrine line, featuring tees, a tote, and a pouch. The peculiars would so rock these, especially the tote. So what’s in theirs? We've rounded up some peculiar goodies from a few members of the gang.


Millard Nullings

Millard’s tote is super scholarly. He never goes anywhere without his old leather journal that contains all of his studies from the past twenty-seven years, along with a handy pen. Other items include his clothes—for those times he prefers to be decent rather than invisible—and of course, his trusted copy of Tales of the Peculiar.


Emma Bloom

When rowing away from Cairnholm, Emma wears a sunhat and studies a map. Where does she keep these items when she isn’t using them? Right in her handy tote.

In the upcoming movie (out September 30), Emma has the power to float rather than the power of fire. To make things easier for Jacob and the rest of the children, Emma tucks a rope in her tote for those times when she needs to stay connected to the ground.


Hugh Apiston

Hugh keeps the essentials with him at all times—his hat, bee goggles, and a honey stick because, well, he has bees living in his stomach, so a honey stick is a reasonable thing. We hope his tote doesn’t get too sticky. But then again, Hugh probably doesn’t mind.


What's in your peculiar tote?

Christina Schillaci

Christina Schillaci

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