Miss Peregrine-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts

Miss Alma LeFay Peregrine is the headmistress in her loop on Cairnholm, but she also acts as a mother figure to the peculiar children living there. This Mother’s Day, we’re rounding up the perfect set of gifts for our favorite ymbryne.

Peregrine Falcon Necklace | Etsy, $32

This little pendant will keep the headmistress close to her roots. While there were other necklaces (as well as pendants, cuff links, and brooches) featuring peregrines, we went with this one because the bird’s wings are tucked at its sides. It appears to be very distinguished, just like Miss Peregrine herself, who fancies all things neat and orderly.


Gloves | Etsy, $32

When Jacob first met Miss Peregrine in her human form, she wore a high-collared blouse fastened at the neck and lace gloves. All black. We think she’d love a new pair of gloves, something like these sheer mesh vintage beauties with a ruffled cuff. They’re delicate, but more durable than the lace ones she already owns. A gift like this is practical and shows attention to detail.


Hourglass | Amazon, $34.95

Like the peregrine falcon necklace, this keepsake is a sweet, sentimental gift for the ymbryne, who can manipulate and maintain time. She creates loops, which is demonstrated in a physical capacity by the hourglass. Once sixty minutes have passed and the sand drains completely, the hourglass can be flipped, creating a little loop of its own. This lovely décor has a cherry wood finish, and it’s functional too, especially in a house filled with peculiar children.


Antique Photo Album | Etsy, $191.02

Miss Peregrine has stacks of massive photo albums, but one can never have enough. She’d adore this antique French photo album from the 1800s—complete with a working music box inside! We think this brass and velvet gift is right up Alma’s alley.


Personalized Wooden Box | Etsy, $45

This charming wooden box is perfect for the headmistress to keep little personal belongings, like jewelry or loose photos. A personalized inscription can be engraved inside the lid. We suggest the date September 3, 1940.


French Pipe | Etsy, $17.37

For the “bird who smoked a pipe,” as Jacob’s grandfather once said, we found this vintage 1930s Sherlock-style model. Bonus? There’s an impressed “A” on the stem—for Alma, perhaps? It’s a similar shape to the one she uses in the silhouetted image she sends to Abe. If this isn’t a perfect Mother’s Day gift, we’re not sure what is.

Christina Schillaci

Christina Schillaci

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