Matching Pizza Types to Book Genres

Posted by Rose Moore

Image by jamesoladujoye from Pixabay

Everyone knows how good a delicious, comforting slice can be. There’s a pizza for everyone, too. Whether your pizza looks like a classic greasy slice, a Chicago Deep Dish, or a vegan-cheese pizza on a cauliflower crust, everyone can fall in love with a slice of ‘za.

And of course, just as there is a kind of pizza for every eater, there is a kind of book for every reader. In honor of the slice, we decided to see where these might line up! (Although, of course, who cares if your page and pizza line up, just enjoy them…and try not to get tomato sauce on the pages!)



The Book Club Favorite: Gluten-Free Flatbread With Figs & Local Goat Cheese

This is the book, in any genre, that absolutely everyone is talking about right now. It’s the kind of book that book clubs love, that sparks conversation, that is always appropriately topical. This year’s National Pizza Day, it might be Glennon Doyle’s Unleashed (back on the bestseller list), or Nancy Johnson’s The Kindest Lie. And just like the topical books that seek to push readers out of their comfort zones, trendy pizza tries to do the same, providing something healthy and unique. Gluten-free and topped with local, seasonal ingredients and inspired by global flavors. And even if you don’t like it, you’ll have something to talk about!


Chick Lit: Veggie Pizza With Cauliflower Crust 

One of the best things about chick lit is how light it is. These are the books that can be easily devoured in a few hours, purely for fun. Sophie Kinsella’s Love Your Life is the kind of book that comes with all the enjoyment, and none of the weight. And while most pizza can be heavy, there are some light options, too. A cauliflower (or other veggie-based crust) is a lighter, more gut-friendly option, and with fresh veggies on top, this is the kind of pizza that feels indulgent without precipitating a food coma!


The Movie Adaptation: Pepperoni

Hollywood loves to take on book adaptations – and who can blame ‘em? Choosing the most crowd-pleasing, popular novels that are already hugely successful means creating blockbusters that are guaranteed to rake it in. (Lookin’ at you, Da Vinci Code!) And what is the crowd-pleasing, blockbuster of the pizza world? A straightforward pepperoni pizza, delivered in a box, of course, and probably with some wings on the side. It might not be the most wildly original choice, but it’s going to make the most people happy.


Humor: Dollar Slice

Sometimes, a whole pizza is just too much, and that’s where the joys of the dollar slice come in handy! Easy, convenient, and consumable on the go, dollar slice is the perfect pizza for anyone who doesn’t really have the time to sit down for a full-on meal. Which is why it translates so well to reading comedy essays. Books like Ali Wong’s Dear Girls are the perfect reads to devour a bite (or one essay) at a time, whenever you get a moment (and just as satisfying as a slice when you are busy and hungry!)


Image by tcameliastoian from Pixabay

The Award Winner: Wood-Oven Pizza With Proscuitto & Arugula

For every person who loves greasy takeout pizza or unique twist on the classic dish, there are those who will argue that it’s just not pizza if it’s not from a wood-fired oven, with only the best, traditional ingredients, made the same way it’s been made for hundreds of years in Italy. These are the ultimate pizzas, where just tomatoes, mozarella, and a few high quality ingredients create something perfect – just like the best, award winning books. These are not the books to be consumed in a rush, or for the sake of it, but to savor slowly, knowing that they are the best of the best.



Crime: Pineapple

Kidding! In fact, while it might be controversial, pineapple on pizza is as satisfying and juicy as crime, and just like these bloody mysteries, it does take a certain kind of person to love it.