Literary Book Club Dream Team

Posted by Kristina Pino

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There are a few things to consider when bringing people together in any kind of group. First and foremost, there’s the question of whether they’ll get along — whether their personalities will complement each other. When it comes to book clubs, it’s also important that members are reliable: they’ll read their books, follow the rules, and contribute meaningfully. What would our literary dream team look like, then? This ultimate book club must comprise people who will keep things fun and fresh, who will always be on time, contribute food and wine, and most importantly: actually read the book.

Here are five people who would make a boss book club, and (probably) not harm or hex each other.


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Matilda (Matilda)

Let’s just get this one out of the way first, because who wouldn’t want Matilda in their book club? She’s cute, smart, sassy, and can cook well. Her house is awesome, and meetings at her place come with the additional perk of her wonderful guardian Miss Honey, who will hang about giving everyone cookies while the meeting goes on. Matilda never backs down from a reading challenge and will definitely be ready with excellent talking points when it’s her turn. She wants to be like Hermione when she grows up.


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Sophie Hatter (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Sophie is the no nonsense member of the group who secretly enjoys indulging everyone – especially Groot, who only she of the book club can understand. She lives in a flippin’ castle with magical doorways to faraway lands. When book club meets at her place, she makes sure the castle is overlooking a beautiful lake and meadow, and everyone always leaves with a beautiful new hat (Daenerys always manages to burn hers, and when she makes hats for one, she makes them for all).


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Daenerys Targaryen (A Song of Ice and Fire series)

Dany joined this book club to unwind. After ruling over her subjects and burning down villages day in and day out, she likes to curl up with a book and a cozy fire. Dragonstone isn’t the most welcoming meeting place, but Dany does what she can, bringing out all the rugs and cushions she can find, and laying out plenty of wine when her book pals are over. She respects Sophie profoundly and wishes Groot would tell her his secrets.


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Groot (various Guardians of the Galaxy titles)

The best thing about Groot, besides his ability to fly you around in space, is having a big, wonderful tree alien around for all things – shade, a lift when it’s hard to see, sagely advice in a language only few understand, and the sweet mix tapes he swipes from his pal Star Lord. He gets a little nervous around Daenerys sometimes, but his penchant for chaos and respect for her abilities outweighs any fear, so he never shows it. Only Sophie knows whether he actually reads the books.


[source: Slate]

Hermione Granger (The Harry Potter book series)

Hermione is a no-brainer for any book club, and she always comes with little gifts and bobs for everyone, like scarves for Groot and chocolate frogs for Matilda, who has a growing collection of Wizard trading cards. She and Sophie always end up doing everyone’s mending. Groot loves visiting the magical world and playing with young wizards in the yard, catching them when they fall off their practice brooms. Hermione always has great trivia, and likes to mention that this passage or that reminded her about this chapter in Hogwarts: A History

Who did we miss?