Literary Board Games: Shakespearean Pic-Up Stix

Posted by Jamie Canaves

We at Quirk love a good board game almost as much as we love a good book. (Okay, maybe not quite as much as a good book.) So naturally, why can't we have both? Each month, we're going to reimagine a classic board game with a literary and pop culture twist! This month, inspired by our childhood Paul Bunyan version, we decided we wanted to re-imagine Pick-Up Sticks: but with a Shakespearen twist! 

You might be thinking But how are you gonna get an entire sonnet on those skinny sticks? Well, if people can paint portraits on grains of rice and print quotes on pencils, we got this: 

24 playing sticks; 14 sticks with a line from Shakespeare’s Sonnet XVIII.

*Grabs sticks. Holds over table. Releases.*

You go first. Oh, and there’s 500 bonus points if you pick them up in order because we love a good challenge.

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