Knives Out: Other Evil Characters Chris Evans Could Totally Play

Posted by Rose Moore

Photo by Pietro Jeng from Pexels

It may be hard to imagine Chris Evans as the villain. After all, he’s a hero. He’s Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s the adorable love interest in plenty of chick flicks, he’s just generally typecast as the good guy…until now. In black comedy Knives Out, Evans gets a shot at playing spoiled playboy Ransom Drysdale, and it looks good on him!

In honor of his retirement as Captain America and a move into the world of new villainous goodness, there are a few more bad guys that Evans would absolutely nail…


John Constantine (DC Universe)

Although he is one of the biggest heroes in the Marvel universe, we would love to see Evans cross over into the world of DC…as an anti-hero. John Constantine is technically heroic, at times—when he can stop drinking, smoking, and generally causing mayhem and hating himself. A powerful user of the dark arts, he is a member of the Justice League Dark, responsible for taking on all the magical threats the Justice League can’t. However, he is far from a clean hero. This blonde Brit has made his fair share of deals with demons and is definitely not a totally good guy.



Arthur (City of Girls)

Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest offering has already been snapped up for a big-screen adaptation, and Chris Evans would be perfect for City of Girls. While Arthur is far from truly evil, he’s an actor and a playboy, and a man who has absolutely no care for how his actions affect anyone else. From being the catalyst for Vivian’s great shame, to simply treating the women in his life terribly, it would be easy to see how someone who looks like Chris Evans could become a narcissist like Arthur!



Bond’s Nemesis

Bond Villains are a special kind of evil—and we would love to see Chris Evans take on the original super-spy as his next nemesis. Unlike many of the others on this list, a Bond villain isn’t usually just a playboy, an anti-hero, or a bit of a misunderstood crook. Nope, the Bond villain is the kind of person who just wants to watch the world burn…and it would be a whole lot of fun to see someone like Evans take on a villain who isn’t even the slightest bit sympathetic. Give him a master plan, a cat, and a swivel chair, and he would be the perfect fit.



Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter series)

At this point, it’s almost inevitable that the Harry Potter franchise is going to get a reboot. After all, it’s been nearly a decade since the final film in the series was released, and for a franchise this huge, a reboot feels like a forgone conclusion. And while Jason Issacs made a brilliant Lucius in the first film, we’d love to see Evans grow out his long locks and take on the Death Eater role in the new one…



Fagin (Oliver & Company)

Disney seems to be in the process of remaking every single one of its animated classics in live action… and that should include their take on Oliver Twist: Oliver and Company. A live-action version of this was actually announced as in the works back in 2016, with Ice Cube as Fagin, but Evans could be a pretty epic pickpocket gang-leader, too! The original animated Disney Fagin is ugly, because Disney has a bit of a tendency to steer into the trope that ‘good’ people are conventionally attractive. Instead, it would be fun to see them bring in a gangster Evans—smooth, cool, and ever so evil!

Which villains would you like to see Chris Evans play? Comment and let us know!