Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth in Mary-Kate and Ashley Adventures

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Chris Evans shares a birthday with our favorite 90s detectives: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. (Happy birthday, everyone!) And yes, we did say “detectives.” Reach back into the recesses of your nostalgic brains and dream. Working with NASA on the shuttle program. Total access to the Navy. Solving crimes by dinnertime.

To celebrate this triple birthday extravaganza, we’re revisiting some of our favorite installments of The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley. But with a twist: Instead of the trusty Olsen twins, we’re picturing Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth behind the magnifying glass.


The Case of the SeaWorld Adventure

When Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans’s fictional parents are overworked dolphin trainers at SeaWorld in this installment of the The Adventures of Chris and Chris. When the Chrises run into a dead body in the woods — can you imagine? — they’re inspired to follow this lead all the way onto a cruise ship. (What?!) It turns out the mystery was rigged and just an excuse to send those overworked parents on a vacation. What does this all has to do with SeaWorld? Beats us!

Well, probably product placement. Probably, definitely.



The Case of the Mystery Cruise

In this direct sequel to The Case of the SeaWorld adventure, the Chrises’ dad’s laptop (keeping up?) is stolen while they’re all on the cruise ship. Apparently, the laptop contains, um, “vital information.” What kind of vital information a dolphin trainer living in 1995 — who has a laptop! — might have is completely beyond us. But it’s a mystery to be solved! And the culprit is definitely on that boat! This mystery ended up being staged too. Who is staging all these mysteries?



The Case of the U.S. Space Camp Mission

In The Case of the U.S. Space Camp Mission, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are tasked with figuring out what the mysterious tapping sound on the exterior of the space shuttle is. The shuttle is grounded until further notice. (Because these Chrises are also reliable aerospace scientists?) In an effort to learn more about the spacecraft itself, Chris and Chris enroll in the U.S. Space Camp. These installments are called The Adventures of…, after all.



The Case of the Hotel Who-Done-It

In The Case of the Hotel Who-Done-It, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth fly to Hawaii, but it’s not for vacation. No way! There’s been a string of disappearances at an area hotel and they’re committed to solving the mystery. There’s been a string of disappearances at a Hawaii hotel. Call the police! Call the local authorities! Don’t call two famous Chrises who are constantly mistaken for each other. People are disappearing!

They solve the crime by dinnertime. Of course they do.



The Case of the United States Navy Adventure

When Chris and Chris discover an unidentified flying object in their neighborhood, they enlist the help of the United States Navy — yes! — to solve the mystery. The suspected UFO ends up being a satellite caught in low orbit. Mystery solved, but guys! The Navy!

90s nostalgia, man. It gets us every time.