Keanu from Page to Screen

Posted by David Winnick

[Movie still from John Wick, Summit Entertainment and Thunder Road Pictures]

Keanu is one of those people who only needs one name like Cher, Bono or Sting. The man has been one of the greatest action stars of all time with films like Speed and the Matrix bringing in mass quantities of dead presidents at the box office. Just this month, Keanu will be gracing the world with the sequel to his sleeper hit John Wick, which is bound to be yet another success. Even so, from time to time, he seems to like to stretch his wings. Mr. Reeves played Don John in Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Much Ado about Nothing. He also took a shot at Johnathan Harker in the Francis Ford Coppola version of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. While Keanu’s acting sometimes meets with mixed reviews, it is clear that America loves him, and could love him in a variety of different literary roles.


Todd Pickett – Coldheart Canyon

Clive Barker is a master of horror, and many of his works have made their way to screen. Coldheart Caynon is one of his better and less lauded works. The story revolves around Todd Pickett, an aging action star who needs to rework his image. Pickett decides to go under the knife to make himself look a bit more youthful. The plastic surgery gets botched and Pickett ends up hiding away in a rented mansion in Los Angeles while he recovers. It is at that mansion that the actor becomes part of a terrifying paranormal tale.


Atticus Kodiak – Keeper

The main character of a series of action books, Atticus Kodiak is the best bodyguard in the business. Keanu already has the chops to be a bodyguard. All of his hours of action training would not go to waste if he played Greg Rucka’s creation. All he needs is a gun in his hand and the man is ready to protect a pregnant woman in an adaptation of the first novel in the series, Keeper.



Chamber – X-Men

It is only a matter of time before another reboot of the X-Men franchise shows up. Jonothon Starsmore is one of the lesser known mutants, having made his debut in the pages of one of the X-Men spin-off titles, Generation X. With the power to shoot energy from his chest, things got a bit gruesome for Mr. Starsmore when he accidently blew off the lower portion of his jaw. The void in his face was then filled with a glowing energy which he learned to manipulate to speak.


Hunter Rose – Grendel

Hunter Rose is an incredibly successful author. The brutality of his stories is on par with no other. While many think of Rose as a bit of a recluse who has a vivid imagination, his tales are much too real. It seems that Hunter can’t spend his evenings just sitting at home drinking the finest scotch. Instead, he suites up as the assassin Grendel. Yet another case where Keanu is already set to go, he just may need a little bit of extra training with Grendel’s signature pike.


Judas Coyne – Heart Shaped Box

Judas Coyne used to rock hard with his band. As part of his semi-retired life, Coyne enjoys collecting morbid memorabilia. In his collection, he has a variety of things including objects from the Salem Witch Trials. It is all fun and games for Coyne until he purchases a ghost trapped in a lacquered heart shaped box. Initially he thinks it is all just a joke until the ghost begins to manifest itself and attack the former rock star.