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Amazingly, today is the first of three Friday the 13ths to happen in the next 13 weeks!

Mythology and spirituality aside, this date immediately brings me to the movies. And, I'm not talking about the recent retreads or even the last few movies in the original series. We're talking the early days when a boy drowned in Crystal Lake because his counselors weren't paying attention. We're talking Mrs. Vorhees and her hockey-masked son seeking revenge. We're talking guts and gore in the wilderness. Ah... good times.

So, in honor of this momentous 13 week stretch, let's consider what Jason might be listening to while on his murder spree--assuming he had an iPod underneath that hockey mask...


1. Crazy Train, Ozzy Osbourne - Just a little something to get him pumped up for the long night of stalking.

2. Creep, Radiohead - It's who you are, Jason. Own it.

3. Eye of the Tiger, Survivor - A reminder to stay focused on the task at hand.

4. Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2 - er, Friday Bloody Friday.

5. Don't Fear the Reaper, Blue Oyster Cult - Now it's time to get those kids.

6. Thriller, Michael Jackson - Something evil is certainly lurking in the dark.

7. Welcome to the Jungle, Guns n' Roses - He wants to hear them scream.

8. If You Want Blood (You Got It), AC/DC - And, there will be blood. Plenty of it.

9. Fade to Black, Metallica - "Life it seems will fade away" for the victims.

10. Same Old Song & Dance, Aerosmith - Time to kill a few more people.

11. Final Countdown, Europe - Almost time for someone to face-off with Jason...and take him down.

12. Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd - There is no pain. You are receding. Good bye, Jason.

13. You're the Best, Joe Esposito - Sure, it's the Karate Kid theme... but, it's a good reminder that he may get knocked down at the end of each movie, but nothing's gonna ever keep him down.

What do you think? What song would you suggest for Jason? Leave a comment below. Best suggestion wins a copy of How to Survive a Horror Movie.

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Brett Cohen

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