In Conceal’d Kamino Where We Lay Our Scene – A William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Sonnet

Posted by Ian Doescher

Episode II in the William Shakespeare's Star Wars series, The Clone Army Attacketh, goes on sale today! Author Ian Doescher has been releasing exclusive sonnets each week, with secret messages hidden inside them. If you spot the message, tweet it at @QuirkBooks for a special prize! (US & Canada only.) 

Come, readers all, your interest we’ll seize—
Like children your excitement shall increase.
On this climactic stage, your brain we’ll please:
Now come the clones and cloners sans surcease.
Espy conceal’d Kamino’s nestled shores:
There, clever Obi-Wan reveals a plot.
He cunningly doth learn Kamino’s mores—
E’en so, could anyone untie this knot?
Call on your memories—have ye e’er seen,
Lo, such long-neck’d, smart creatures as these here?
Obeying, calmly, far-gone Sith obscene,
Now they have clon’d an army one should fear.
Eyes, clamber on!  A tale’s in store for ye—
See clones attack and shake the galaxy!