Imagined Conversations Between Lit Characters and Lyft Drivers

Posted by Rose Moore

Image by Carola Schöttler from Pixabay

Car-sharing isn’t just about the cheapest and easiest way to get somewhere (without using public transit, of course). It’s also about the conversation. Car-sharing apps and services are all about the personal touch, and chatting to a driver is a great way to get to know the local area, or just to make a journey a little more enjoyable. After all, you get to meet the kind of people that you might never otherwise bump into. It’s all about community. While that’s the ideal, it’s not always the reality! Conversations with Lyft drivers can be everything from illuminating to supremely awkward…and we bet that fictional characters might have just as much trouble as people in the real world when it comes to this particular kind of small talk. 


Arthur Weasley (Harry Potter series)

“So, rather than using some kind of shield to protect your passengers, you have them strap in with these tiny buckles?”

“You…you mean seat belts?”

”Seat belts! Ingenious! And did you invent these yourself?”

Arthur Weasley is a muggle’s biggest fan. And we just know that he would find the whole concept of ride-sharing absolutely fascinating! From trying to get in the wrong seat to attempting to figure out a smartphone app, Arthur’s journey into the world of ride-sharing would be utter confusion, but incredibly cheerful, nonetheless. This would be a ride to remember, if only because the kinds of questions that Arthur might ask would have nothing to do with the best places to eat, and much more to do with mundane things — like how a seatbelt works, or why car seats have teeny tiny handbags on the back.



Raoul Duke (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)

“Where are we? What are you doing in my car?!”

”Sir, this is my car. I’m your Lyft driver.”

”Excellent. Where do you keep your booze in this Lyft, thing, then? And where are we going?”

Duke would be the kind of passenger that any Lyft driver would fear, but that doesn’t mean the experience wouldn’t make a great story! The constantly intoxicated gonzo journalist would be just the type to launch into a Lyft, completely forget why he was there in the first place, and then make friends with the driver and end up taking him to an all night party in the next state.



Rebecca Bloomwood (Confessions of a Shopaholic)

“Thanks for waiting! I just had to pop in there because I saw that they had the most incredible sale…”

”We’re going to have to stop doing that, you know. I really just need to get you where you are going.”

”I’m so sorry, but you understand…and look! I picked you up this sweet little fuzzy tissue box for being such a darling!

Becky Bloomwood isn’t the kind of girl who would understand the need for a Lyft driver to just get from A to B… not if there’s an enticing shop somewhere along the way! She’d be the one piling dozens of bags into a car that isn’t quite big enough to fit them, but rather than annoying her driver, she’d end up charming them into being her biggest new fan… and stopping off for all kinds of totally unnecessary things.



Allan Karlsson (100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared)  

“I’m sorry, you did what with who?!”

”…with Harry Truman. Nice enough guy, really.”

We’re not sure that any Lyft driver would believe the stories of Allan Karlsson if this elderly man happened to show up in their passenger seat. After all, who would? But whether or not the driver believes him, Karlsson’s stories are sure to be entertaining, no matter how long the road trip is. In fact, he may be just the kind of passenger to leave drivers wishing that he had to go just a little bit further.


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