Posted by Quirk Books Staff

We hope you've enjoyed our Webcomics Week…and now that you're inspired, it's time to create some great webomics of your own!

And here's some final advice, courtesy of Michelle Gish, one of our fave webcomic creators.

1. Make something you know you'll be passionate about! If not, after a while working on it may start feeling like a chore. Just remember to have fun with it!

2. Post consistently. Try to update your comic on a regular schedule. If you want to build an audience, people will most likely keep following it if they know you're going to keep posting.

3. Don't be frustrated if you feel like no one is reading your webcomic. Trust me, if you keep working on it, people will start to read it! When things get difficult, remember why you wanted to start your webcomic in the first place and that will motivate you to keep going.



For more webcomic wisdom, see our Webcomic Week Info Page.

Webcomic how-to graphic created for Quirk Books by Michael Rogalski,