How-To Tuesday: Game of Thrones Inspired Treats

Posted by Suzanne Wallace

Via Inn at the Crossroads

Game of Thrones is baaaaaack! Season 4 premiered on Sunday and we’re all atwitter. Winter is coming, guys.

If you’ve read the books, you already know that some crazy stuff is gonna go down this season. Gather your friends (you’ll need emotional support handy in case your favorite character dies), scrounge up some edibles, and make a party of it! Because the only things better than watching GoT is eating while watching GoT.

When it comes to making Game of Thrones-inspired treats, the snack dragon has three heads. Choose your preferred approach to being a Westeros chef.

The Eddard Stark Buffet: Oh, Ned. We’ll remember you always.

Eddard Stark was always (sometimes frustratingly) direct and honest. If you’re a Ned, you’ll want make the most authentic Game of Thrones noms and recreate recipes from the show and/or books.

Thanks to InnAtTheCrossroads (the blog behind the The Official Game of Thrones Cookbook), there are several genuine GoT recipes right at your fingertips. 

Try making Hot Pie’s Direwolf Scones (above), Sansa’s favorite Lemon Cakes, or barbaric fancies like Dothraki Blood Pies. With recipes organized by region, you could bring a different theme to every Sunday.

The Margaery Tyrell Art Show: Tyrell roses aren’t much for fighting, but they sure know how to make things pretty.

If you’re feeling creative, decorate your favorite baked goods to turn them into Game of Thrones food art. Check out Not Your Momma’s Cookie for inspiration.

They’ve made some amazing desserts, including the Dothraki Horse Heart, Ned Stark Cake Pops (aww…), and House Symbol Sugar Cookies.

Or, if you’re feeling really Margaery-y (by which I mean eager and hyper-ambitious), you could try your hand at this artistic Iron Throne cake recipe (there’s even a video of the assembly here).

The Littlefinger I’m-So-Clever Con Trick: Maybe you’re not a cook or a baker, but you still want your friends to know you’re much, much smarter than them. And then laugh at them. Because you win. You always win.

Then look no further than Brightest Young Things’s post on Game of Thrones Snacks. You can simply serve up some Hodoritos, Sansalsa, Cerseeds, Briegritte, and Raisin Bran. (Another suggestion from the comments: Jon Sno-Caps). And yeah, you’re done, and you’re awesome.

Whichever head of the dragon you choose, settle in with your feast and friends and enjoy next week’s episode. Now hum the theme song with me, you know you want to: DUNH dunh dunh-dunh DUNH dunh dunh-dunh DUNH DUNH!

Suzanne Wallace

Suzanne Wallace

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