Holiday Decals for Cat Castles

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Happy book birthday to Cat Castles by Carin Oliver! To celebrate the book’s release, we’re sharing some exclusive downloadable decals to add holiday cheer to your own cat castle. Pick up a copy of the book and personalize your cat’s new habitat with a string of lights, icicles, snowmen, and pine trees! Pro-tip: the lights and icicles are tile-able so you’re able to make a continuous string.

You can find the PDF here. Enjoy!


Every cat needs holiday cheer in the form of twinkling, colorful lights. (Unlike your house, you don’t have to use a ladder to decorate the roof.)


Icicles that don’t melt? Yes, please.


Introduce your cat to this friendly snowman. They’ll be best buds.


Furnish your cat habitat with a snowy pine tree. Or two. Or three!


Cat Castles

Build your cat paw-some” homemade habitats with easy instructions and common materials.

A shoebox or paper bag may be fine for those other cats. But doesn’t your favorite feline deserve an in-home hangout that matches his exalted status and high standards? One that also shows off your own design sense and crafting skills? 

This DIY construction guide offers fun and easy instructions for making cardboard purr-a-mids and regal cat castles, along with many more “paw-some” homemade habitats. Build your cat an airplane, a food truck, a train, a pirate ship, or a submarine. All the projects are quick to assemble, use inexpensive and common materials, and can be customized however you—or your cat— would like. Don’t wait, get your copy right meow!