Hello, My Name Is: A Broem from Stacey Graham

Posted by Eric Smith

Edgar Allan Bro by Joseph Toschlog

Back in July we announced a Broetry contest, asking broets and broettes in training to submit their own broems to our esteemed Broet Laurette, Brian McGackin.

Stacey Graham (soon to be a Quirk author with her upcoming Zombie Tarot) sent in a piece entitled Hello, My Name Is. “Dedicated to all the boys [she] dated with their hats turned backwards and unfortunate tribal arm tattoos,” this was Brian’s favorite of the bunch. So here it is.

Hello, My Name Is:

To the girl I puked upon
Your shoes were really nice

Your hair it smelled like lavender
Though you had to wash it twice

I think you are the one for me, a candle to my flame
But the morning rears its head and I can’t recall your name

Well done Stacey.

Eric Smith


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