Grown Up Literary Back to School Shopping

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Back to school shopping is the best. It’s so incredibly satisfying to buy a new backpack and sharpen a new set of pencils. Life feels infinite and the possibilities feel endless! But what about those of us who’ve been out of school for a while now? Where’s our September satisfaction? Well, just you wait. Today we’re showcasing six of our favorite literary school supplies – perfect for work, your home office, or a trip to the library!


[source: IceyDesigns on Etsy]

A Set of Seven Book Lovers Pencils

Etsy is a literary dreamscape filled with countless makers using the written word as inspiration for their crafts. While browsing the site, we fell in love with IceyDesigns’s shop, which is full of bookish journals, pillows, enamel pins, and more. Our personal favorite is this set of seven book lovers pencils, which boast phrases like “Books are my happy place” and “I read YA.” And you can never have too many pencils, right? ($14.95, Etsy)


[source: Out of Print Clothing]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pouch

Sure, we’re full-fledged adults, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a little childish whimsy every now and then. Which is why we’re in love with this Very Hungry Caterpillar pouch from Out of Print Clothing, perfect for holding all those new pencils you just bought. And while you could just leave those new pencils on your desk for anyone to see and snatch, we know you’ll be happier with them tucked away in this cute pencil pouch. ($12, Out of Print Clothing)


[source: Ex Libris Anonymous]

A Handmade Journal Made From Vintage Books

Everyone needs a place to jot down their ideas, whether you’re taking notes during a phone meeting or reminding yourself to pick up milk on the way home from work. Why not amplify your notebook game by buying an Ex Libris Anonymous journal? Our personal favorite is the Nancy Drew #4: Mystery at the Lilac Inn journal. It makes us feel like we’re putting together some clues every time we jot something down. And it’s spiral bound, which we love! ($14, Ex Libris Anonymous)


[source: Books Are Magic]

Books Are Magic Mug

We don’t need a constant reminder that books are magic, but maybe your coworkers do! Make this Books Are Magic mug your go to coffee mug to start some bookish conversations around the communal coffee pot. Who knows, you may even get an office book club started. The sky’s the limit! This mug comes in dusty pink and robin blue, but you’ll be tempted to get one of each. Because you need something to drink out of when the other one’s dirty. ($14.95, Books Are Magic)


[source: Potter Gift]

Set of 100 Jane Austen Postcards

Who says the written letter is a dying art? Stave off that temptation to text your friends when they’re at work and write them a quick postcard instead! It’s way more satisfying and 100% more joyful for the recipient. It’s a fun surprise that will have your friend thanking you for days. And who knows, you might start a new trend in your friend group. Jane Austen would be proud. ($16.79, Amazon)


[source: Strand Books]

Strand City Toile Tote

We know you harbor a healthy amount of jealousy for your friend’s Strand tote bag. So take the plunge and order one for yourself. You’re going to need a big literary bag to carry all your new office supplies in. We’re big fans of this toile patterned tote, which not only features the beloved bookstore, but also some of our favorite New York city sights. It’s a modern take on an old style and we can’t get enough of it. ($24.95, Strand Books)