Shopping Habits of Fictional Characters

Posted by Sandra Woolf

[Movie still from Clueless, Paramount Pictures]

There are those who can shop til they drop. Whilst others live for the thrill of a thrift store find. When it comes to shopping though there are a few notable characters that do more than simply dress to impress.


[TV still from Parks and Recreation, NBC]

In the town of Pawnee, Tom Haverford is a fashion idol. Well, in his mind, anyway. This shopaholic loves buying luxuries items such as shoes, soft blankets, and eye cream. Tom even opened his own clothing store, Rent-A-Swag, in order to share his love for clothes. Fashionistas take note!


In the comic book world, Esther DeGroot is a chronic shopper. She spends most of her money on vintage goth clothes and Lolita shoes. This causes the university student to be perpetually broke, resulting in her many part time jobs. Of the Giant Days crew, Esther’s love for online shopping is her biggest weakness.


Those with immense wealth can buy whatever their heart’s desire. For teenage criminal mastermind, Artemis Fowl, that means high tech equipment to carry out mischievous deeds. Add in a medieval castle, personal jet, and a helicopter and you have one-pint size manipulative millionaire!


[TV still from The Big Band Theory, Warner Bros. Television]

Penny is the lovable girl next door in the Big Bang Theory. While she may have her nerdy neighbors eating out of her hand, that doesn’t pay the bills. Especially when you’re a shoe fanatic like Penny. As a struggling actress, Penny often mooches off the gang to keep up her stylish shopping lifestyle.

Sandra Woolf

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