Gifts to Make Your Mom the Coolest in her Book Club

Posted by Eve Legato

Sometimes your mom is the hardest person to shop for. How to you choose a gift good enough for someone who spent years changing your diapers, taking care of you when you were sick, and making sure you had good stuff to read?

We don’t know how to recommend a gift that matches your mom’s commitment, but if your mom is in a book club, we can recommend Mother’s Day gifts that are more personal than a scented candle. Let us walk you through five ways to make your mom the most impressive member of her literary group.

Help Her With Food Prep.

Give your mom a gift that will help her serve when the club is meeting at her house. Bonus points if your present helps her add a story theme to her meal. If buying her food is too weird, order her a beverage like 1000 Stories Wine, or a cookbook for book lovers, like The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook. The added trivia that the chili or chocolate cake was made by a famous thriller writer could be the perfect way to open up conversation about a modern mystery.


Help Her Serve Drinks In Style.

Whether she’s in the type of club that pairs book discussions with tea or with wine, help her host thematically with these literary coasters from Out of Print. She can add vintage flair with these library card coasters for larger book club gatherings, or even these punk rock author coasters if she wants to raise a few eyebrows.

Help Her Be Playful.

If you know she’d prefer a more all-purpose bag, help your mom show some some tribe loyalty with this “My Book Club Can Beat Up Your Book Club” tote from Look Human. Whether she’s going to a meeting or to the gym, she can use this bag to send a message: not only is she a woman who reads, she’s a woman who is proud of her friends.


Help Her Choose New Books.

“How do you always suggest such excellent books?” they’ll ask her. “I just read a lot,” she’ll say. Help your mom make the best book recs by getting her ahead with a book subscription service. A bookstore can be overwhelming, but a subscription service could do the work of choosing for her. Curated book-of-the-month boxes are all the rage, so there are tons to pick from. Check out Brilliant Books Monthly, which matches books to your taste, or The Book Drop, which chooses the newest acclaimed Indie Next Picks, for starters.

Eve Legato

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