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The Long-Distance Relationship Guide

Since March 2005, The Long-Distance Relationship Guide has taught thousands of readers how to survive and thrive in their long-distance romances. Now Caroline Tiger has updated her relationship bible with a new epilogue and vital information for far-flung partners everywhere. Drawing on advice from distance-challeneged couples the world over, Tiger offers indispensable tips on enduring the separation and keeping the romance alive. Topics include:

    * Spotting (and avoiding) “serial” long-distance daters
    * Negotiating travel arrangements
    * A hall of fame of romantic long-distance gestures

Complete with fun quizzes, checklists, and expert advice, this new edition of The Long-Distance Relationship Guide helps couples make the most of any far-reaching romance.

CAROLINE TIGER writes for Self, Men’s Health, Marie Claire, and Philadelphia Magazine. She is the author of How to Behave (Quirk, 2003) and How to Behave: Dating and Sex (Quirk, 2006) and lives in Philadelphia, where she survived an LDR that spanned two coasts.

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How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is the Antichrist

When it comes to boyfriends, there’s a fine line between endearing quirks and severe personality disorders. Is he a pedophile or is he simply good with kids? How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is the Antichrist teaches women to identify the warning signs associated with a spectrum of Mr. Wrongs, including:

  • Cult leaders (”Does he have a problem with authority?”)
  • Insufferable bores (”Does his dog wear a bandanna?”)
  • Steroid addicts (”Do you admire his cleavage?”)
  • Narcoleptics (”Is his face often soiled?”)
  • Trekkies (”Does he lapse into Klingon during orgasm?”)

Best of all, this irreverent illustrated “guide” advises whether it’s best to hang onto these guys or to quickly and safely dump them. How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is the Antichrist is a hilarious reference (and makes a super gift) for single girls with a sense of humor.

PATRICIA CARLIN is a writer and illustrator who lives in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

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How to Behave: Dating & Sex

Is it ever okay to “embellish” your dating profile? What’s the best way to deal with close-talkers? How can you handle a date who shows too much PDA? Discover the answers to these and other burning questions in Caroline Tiger’s guide to modern love, How to Behave: Dating and Sex. You’ll learn the proper etiquette for:

    * Ditching your date with aplomb
    * Accepting rejection gracefully
    * Avoiding scratchy stubble face-burn
    * Negotiating “ex sex”

With more than 60 scenarios that run the gamut from flirting to first date etiquette to sex, this refreshingly new take on social manners deals with the real-life etiquette questions everyone wonders about . . . but has been afraid to ask.

CAROLINE TIGER writes for Self, Ms., Salon, and Philadelphia Magazine. The author of How to Behave and The Long-Distance Relationship Guide, she lives in Philadelphia, where she both dishes out and takes her own good counsel.

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The Groom’s Instruction Manual

For decades, bookstore childcare sections were dominated by books for women–that is, until Quirk’s Baby Owner’s Manual offered a fun and refreshing alternative for male readers. Now we’re crashing the wedding section with The Groom’s Instruction Manual, an irreverent guide to everything guys need to know about:

    * Getting Engaged (popping the question, finding a ring)
    * Wedding Planning (choosing a location, drafting a guest list)
    * The Big Day (rehearsal dinner, toasts, what to do if you start crying)
    * Post-Wedding (honeymooning, thank-you notes, newlywedding)

And much more

Illustrated in the award-winning visual style that has made our Owner’s Manual series a smash success, The Groom’s Instruction Manual is the perfect shower gift for (engaged) men of all ages.

SHANDON FOWLER had five hundred guests at his wedding–and if he can survive that, you’ve got nothing to worry about. He and his wife are happily married and live in Brooklyn, New York.

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Friend or Faux

True friends give you strength, validation, and genuinely helpful fashion advice. Faux friends compliment your outfit because they hate it and flirt with your boyfriend the minute you leave for the bathroom. So how can you tell the difference? Friend or Faux has the answers – along with more than 80 hilarious profiles of the most common female friends and frenemies, from the true blue to the truly diabolical. Readers will discover the catchphrases and characteristics of:

* The Creepy-Clinger Friend (”Where are you going?”)
* The So-Slammed-at-Work-Right-Now Friend (”Work is so crazy right now – can I call you back?”)
* The Crazy Cat Lady Friend (”You won’t believe what Butterscotch did!”)
* The Shallow Scenester Friend (”I like your coat – is that Old Navy?”)

And many more. Complete with whimsical illustrations and organized by “threat level” rating, Friend or Faux will teach you how to keep and cherish your closest companions – and how to evade the rest.

Heather Wagner has written for Travel & Leisure, Dwell, Antenna, Yoga Journal, Domino, and SOMA magazines, as well as her popular blog, MissBehavior.

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First Timer’s Kit

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