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Posted by Eric Smith

Quirk Perks: The Groom’s Instruction Manual, $3.99 All Month!

Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Survive if Someone Objects

Photo by Lee Haywood

It’s almost June and everyone knows what that means: weddings!

June is the most popular month for weddings, and that makes sense as it was named after Juno, Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth. If you believe the latest rom-com, weddings are the perfect end to our search for a soul mate. But if we’re being honest here, there is almost nothing more terrifying than the incredible amount of potentially-tragic scenarios that a wedding can produce. Okay, it’s not exactly as dangerous as kayaking through the Amazon surrounded by cannibalistic tribes and poisonous frogs. But, you are combining your family, his or her family, liquor, high expectations, lots of money, and the most important decision of your life.

It’s honestly hard to pick just one terrifying possibility from The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Weddings, because they would all be pretty traumatizing.

Posted by Courtney Daniels

National Pop The Question Day: Our Favorite Bookish Marriage Proposals

So apparently March 20th is National Proposal Day. It’s also the first day of Spring. And while I’m unsure if anyone actually goes out of their way to propose on that date, it is a fun excuse to write a little something about proposals. Specifically, the bookish sort.

From webcomics to comic books, hollowed-out library books to self-published picture books, these six wonderfully unique and clever marriage proposals are guaranteed to make you a little misty.

Grab a box of tissues and check them out.

The Comic Book Marriage Proposal: When David Salomon’s girlfriend said she was in love with comics, that’s when he first realized he was in love with her. So when it was time to propose to his girlfriend, Jen, he enlisted the help of his talented friends, had them create a comic book about their relationship. The cover is a tribute to her favorite comic, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.

I love how terribly nervous David looks at the 2:25 mark, while Jen is flipping through the book. He explains each of the (nine) pages to their group of friends, telling stories from their relationship… and it is incredibly sweet. Try not to cry when she fills in “yes” at the end. Try.

The Children’s Book Proposal: R.M. Massimo created A Prince is a Prince No Matter How Odd, a childrens’ picture book, to propose to his wife in Barnes & Noble. He acted as though the book had been published, convinced the booksellers to put it on their shelves, and had her read it.

Massimo went ahead and self published the book afterward, and you can pick it up via Xlibris.

Harry Potter Marriage Proposal: Reddit user Trehlo hollowed out a copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and placed his future-wife’s engagement ring inside. Excellent chapter choice.

Posted by Eric Smith