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MBA Degree in a Box

With Law School in a Box and Med School in a Box, Quirk Books and mental_floss magazine brought affordable postgraduate education to some 50,000 eager students. Now the world’s #1 boxed university is expanding its curriculum to include MBA Degree in a Box, an advanced course in business education for the low price of $14.95. Your study materials include:

– Business School in 96 Pages: Your Comprehensive Textbook
– 10 Heroes of the Boardroom Trading Cards
– 10 CEO Case Study Cards
– A fiendishly complicated business-trivia final exam
– A rolled diploma with real Latin words

Packed with entertaining trivia about Henry Ford, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and more, MBA Degree in a Box is the perfect gift for businesspeople of all ages — from the highest-ranked boxed business school in the world!

Available at newsstands everywhere, MENTAL_FLOSS MAGAZINE was founded in 2001 with the mission of blurring the line between education and entertainment. The editors are responsible for numerous best-selling books, including Condensed Knowledge and Forbidden Knowledge.

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How to Say “Fabulous!” in 8 Different Languages

Gay tourism is booming—and with How to Say “Fabulous!” in 8 Different Languages, you’ll always know how to speak the native tongue. This hilarious phrase book features hundreds of outrageous phrases, all translated from English into French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

There are sections on Night Life (“Are there any gay bars around here?”), Shopping (“Those shoes! I must have those shoes!”), Opening Lines (“I am a flight attendant/choreographer/actor/owner of a greeting card store”), Dining Out (“You’ve had worse things in your mouth!”), Parting Glances (“I never meant to hurt you”), and much more.

With a hilarious mix of practical, impractical, bitchy, and often obscene phrases, How to Say “Fabulous!” in 8 Different Languages is the perfect companion for gay tourists and armchair travelers.

GERARD MRYGLOT was a staff translator at Berlitz Translation Services for five years before starting his own business, providing translation services to law firms and corporate clients. He and his coauthor, TED MARKS, originally self-published this book and sold 4,000 copies from their New York City apartment.

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How to Behave

Let How to Behave teach you the intricacies of

     •  Road Rage Survival
     •  Airplane Seating Etiquette 
     •  Facebook Manners
     •  Shopping Cart Navigation
     •  Polite E-mail Practices
     •  Crowded Elevator Propriety
     •  Office Cubicle Courtesy
     •  Online Dating Decorum

From the grocery store to the workplace, from standing in line to friending online, How to Behave gives you step-by-step instructions and multiple strategies for navigating the social situations of modern life.

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Hip Snips

The Isosceles Triangle. The Charlie Chaplin. The Rising Sun. These might sound like the latest wave of trendy cocktails, but in fact they’re three of today’s most popular pubic hairstyles.

That’s right: Hip Snips will teach you how to look good-and feel great-by shaping your mons pubis into a variety of patterns and pictures.

Want to embrace your animal nature? Go wild with the Chewbacca! Care for something a little more sophisticated? Class up your lady garden with the Dame Judy Dench! Feeling insecure about your manhood? Behold the incredible trompe l’oeil effect of the Dong Lengthener! Whether you’re male or female, young or old, a veteran groomer or a pubie newbie, this illustrated guide will help you look hip between the hips!

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Handbook of Style

Do you need to polish your look? Are you ready for a fashion makeover? Authors Francine Maroukian and Sarah Woodruff have approached today’s top hair stylists, skin specialists, fashion designers, and makeup artists for a crash course in personal presentation. The result is The Handbook of Style, an essential reference guide to fashion and beauty.

Jeanine Lobell of Stila Cosmetics explains how to make a smoky eye. Michael Rabinowitz of Le Mystere shows how to buy a bra that fits. Paula Dorf of Paula Dorf Cosmetics teaches you to become your own makeup artist. And Donald J. Pliner of the Donald J. Pliner Collection helps you spot a comfortable and sexy shoe.

With elegant illustrations, this mock-crocodile-covered paperback is a stylish, must-have object in itself. No woman’s bookshelf will be complete without one!

SARAH WOODRUFF is an editor and publishing consultant.

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Friend or Faux

True friends give you strength, validation, and genuinely helpful fashion advice. Faux friends compliment your outfit because they hate it and flirt with your boyfriend the minute you leave for the bathroom. So how can you tell the difference? Friend or Faux has the answers – along with more than 80 hilarious profiles of the most common female friends and frenemies, from the true blue to the truly diabolical. Readers will discover the catchphrases and characteristics of:

* The Creepy-Clinger Friend (”Where are you going?”)
* The So-Slammed-at-Work-Right-Now Friend (”Work is so crazy right now – can I call you back?”)
* The Crazy Cat Lady Friend (”You won’t believe what Butterscotch did!”)
* The Shallow Scenester Friend (”I like your coat – is that Old Navy?”)

And many more. Complete with whimsical illustrations and organized by “threat level” rating, Friend or Faux will teach you how to keep and cherish your closest companions – and how to evade the rest.

Heather Wagner has written for Travel & Leisure, Dwell, Antenna, Yoga Journal, Domino, and SOMA magazines, as well as her popular blog, MissBehavior.

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