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Posted by Sandra Woolf

[Photo by Stella Rose on Unsplash]

You may have noticed that lifestyle magazines and blogs everywhere have started using a word that sounds like the transliteration of a sneeze: hygge. But what the dickens is hygge?, you may be asking yourself, and also, how do I pronounce it? Simply put, it’s the Danish word for ‘cozy;’ it’s pronounced HOOG-ah; and it represents the feeling of utter contentedness that comes from surrounding yourself with things that make you happy, relaxed and comfortable. And if you’re a geek like us, then geeky = happy and comfortable. So let’s get our geeky hygge on, shall we?



To accomplish hygge, you have to start at the bottom, and nothing spells comfort like having toasty toes! These stylish and nerdy socks from Sock Drawer will not only let you deck yourself out in Godzilla or Einstein patterns, they’ll also keep your feet happy.



Of course, the ultimate way to get cozy is with a soft blanket. This fleece-lined throw from Etsy seller CanisPicta comes with an appropriately bookish quote from C.S. Lewis. Snuggle up under this blanket to ensure some quality reading time. A good book + burrowing under a blanket = hygge.



Now that you've presumably settled into your reading nook, you can't forget the most important accessory: pillows! (After blankets, of course.) And can a pillow be more adorable than this handmade Harry Potter? Etsy seller telahmarie really knows her stuff…or should we say stuffing? Now the boy who lived can live on your couch!

(We’d apologize for the puns, but we’re not sorry.) 


Tea Infuser

How can one relax without a nice cuppa tea? With this tiny space capsule, you can just sit back and relax while your tea of choice steeps. Don't worry about a thing – the little astronaut will make sure your tea is out of this world!


Literary Loose Teas

Now that you have your tea infuser, one question remains: what kind of tea will you put in it? Any loose tea will do, but we’d like to suggest book-inspired teas, such as those from Literary Tea Co. Whether you prefer Jane Austen, John Steinbeck, or Roald Dahl, Literary Tea Co. will have you sorted. Now you can read Sense and Sensibility while sipping a lavender-infused cup of Earl Grey. Has anything ever sounded more delightful?



You know what would go great with that cup of tea? A cookie. Or two. Or more. These 8 bit cookies from The Cookie Writer really stole our hearts! Easy to create and tasty to boot, these fine confections will make your tummy very happy.



You’re almost set, but there’s one more element to get just right: smell. If you’re like us, you haven’t opened your windows for fear of freezing your fingers off, so your living room’s smelling a bit stale. Clear out the winter doldrums with a candle or two from GeekNest. They’ll have your apartment smelling like Rivendell, Hagrid’s hut, or Wonderland in no time!


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Sandra Woolf

Sandra Woolf

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