Geeky Decorations for Your Garden

Posted by Eve Legato

It’s here! Finally—the part of spring where it’s safe to plant perennials and transfer your little veggie stalks outside without having to worry about frost killing it all (probably). But do you feel like your garden needs a geeky touch to reflect your personality more? We’ve scoured the internet for garden geekery for you to choose from.

Nerdy Gnomes

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this googling exercise, it’s that the internet is full of garden gnomes. And many of them are geeky.

You can buy a gnome in ninja gear. (To protect the plants, of course.)


You can get FOUR DIFFERENT VERSIONS of garden gnomes as Star Trek characters! This Spock gnome’s eyebrows are perfect.

Or, go bookish, and get a garden gnome who reads.


Speaking of characters reading, nothing drops the hint that the garden is the ultimate outdoor reading nook like some…

Bookish Statues

Is anything more chill than a cat who wants to relax? The answer is no. This cat statue chills out with a good book.

Alice in Wonderland is full of gardens, so a frazzled White Rabbit statue should fit in yours perfectly. If the cat’s vibe is chill, the White Rabbit’s like, “Check the time.” Ah, balance.


Other Ornaments

This one is Disney movie-ish, but let’s keep with the Alice theme for a minute and remind you that you can hang this scene from a bush or tree.

Want to hang a sign in your garden? How about a custom sign pointing to a fictional location?

You know your garden’s got heart. That’s why the Tin Man sculpture is the best character option for your outdoor space.


Bonus DIY Project

Everyone seems to be painting their bricks to look like books (everyone on Pinterest, at least). Check out this tutorial for pointers.

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