Full Moon and Charging Your Crystals

Posted by Rose Moore

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This month, we are between two full moons in Aquarius—the first on July 23rd, and the second on August 22nd. Having two moons in the same sign back to back creates a powerful energetic space, and one that is perfect to take advantage of the energy of the water-bearer when cleansing and charging crystals. These moons are focused on collaborative energies, as well as the Aquarian strength to see things differently—and that is only doubled with two in a row!

Cleansing and charging may sound complicated, but it’s one of the simplest ways to work a little kitchen magic and takes nothing than moonlight and thought. (Although, as with all practices, there are plenty of ways to add elements on, if you feel called to.)


More Than a Physical Clean

Cleansing a crystal isn’t just about making it physically clean, but about clearing out the energy associated with it. While there are plenty of other ways to cleanse and charge crystals throughout the month, including with smoke, water, earth, and intention, the full moon is traditionally a powerful way to clear out any old energies and re-set any stones that are ready to be used for a new work.

Cleansing isn’t just used to completely re-set, either, and can also be extremely helpful for crystals that are being used to absorb specific energies. Stones like tourmaline and obsidian, traditionally used to combat negativity, will definitely benefit from a recharge. Think of it like wringing out a sponge! When the energy is soaked into the crystal, the light of the full moon can wring it back out again.


[Image by Kanenori from Pixabay]

How to Use a Full Moon

The simplest way to use the full moon to cleanse and charge is very simply to leave the stone out in a space where the light of the full moon will hit it. (With multiple stones, make sure they are separate, not in a pile!) While it’s ideal to leave it out overnight, in a space that will allow the moonlight to bathe it throughout, apartment-dwelling witches can make use of windowsills, too. Simply place the stone in the path of the moonlight and allow the rest to happen naturally. While some may argue that there is more ritual and ceremony needed (and anyone who feels called to make a bigger celebration of the night absolutely can and should!), in its simplest form, moonlight alone is enough.

Without setting any other intention, the light of the moon will imbue the crystal with the vibrations associated with it. With an Aquarius full moon, this means charging the stone for cooperation, boosting intuition, and challenging norms. Because of the strong association with collaboration, this is also a perfect time to use a crystal grid to clear and charge multiple stones together. Rather than simply laying them out in a row, create a circular pattern of the crystals (let your intuition guide you), and allow them to amplify each other.


Charging for Specific Intentions

If the specific Aquarian connections of these moons aren’t quite what you have in mind for the crystals in need of a new charge, set your own! This should be done after the moonlight has done its work of clearing them, though. If you charge your crystals and then set them out in the moonlight, the charging will be largely counterbalanced by the cleansing.

Charging a crystal is also simple: hold it in your hand, center yourself with your breath, and focus on the stone and the intention you wish to set. Simply breathe and visualize. Some prefer to do this with a visualization of light or breath actively moving into the stone itself and filling it with a soft light, but any mental image that feels comfortable is as good. Your focus is, well, the focus! Some may choose to allow the crystal to bathe in the moonlight for a few hours, and then sit and meditate on the charging of it that same night, while others choose to charge the next day.


Help! I Did It Wrong!

What happens if you missed the full moon, or set it in the wrong place? Can you charge a crystal too much? What about just wanting to give a crystal a boost. Can you over cleanse it?

Don’t panic! Crystals, like so much of modern magick, are tools to help balance and focus your own energy, and this full moon can also inspire you to take the Aquarian way, step off the beaten track, and find your own way to keep your crystals close. Simply sit out under the moonlight, or meditate on it from your indoor space, and trust. There are a few crystals that may be damaged by cleansing with water (salt water, in particular), or that are softer and easier to break, or that can be overwhelmed by sunlight, but full moon charging is a gentle enough method for any crystal to cope with.



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