Embrace Your Geekness Day

Posted by Sandra Woolf

In honor of Embrace your Geekness Day, here are a few literary geeks that saved the day!

Go geeks!


Matilda Wormwood – Matilda

Definitely the most precocious on this list, what Matilda loves most in the world is reading, and her kind kindergarten teacher Miss Honey. When the evil headmistress Miss Trunchbull threatens her friends and loved ones, Matilda uses her intelligence and telekinetic powers to stop her. Matilda saves the day and is rewarded with a new and happy life with Miss Honey. We also love that she uses her powers for a little bit of mischief as well!


Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones

As a dwarf Tyrion is looked down upon by most of his family. Due to this discrimination, he must continually use his wit and intelligence to prove himself worthy of the Lannister name. As a lover of books, Tyrion gains most of his knowledge by reading books and studying his adversaries. This proves to be helpful in defeating his foes numerous times throughout the series and saving the city from an invasion. Team Tyrion all the way!


Hermoine Granger – Harry Potter

Hermoine is obviously the brains of the famous Harry Potter trio. Her book smarts saves the day countess times throughout the seven part series. Whilst her bookish ways help out her friends, we love Hermoine most for her kind heart and compassion. She teaches readers that being smart is not the only way to get ahead, but also helping your friends and being true to yourself.


Gandalf the Grey – The Lord of the Rings

Of course a wizard would be on this list! Gandalf is the epitome of all literary wizards, he's kind, wise and brave. To defeat the evil Sauron, Gandalf must do a lot of research, 17 years to be exact! When he discovers that Frodo holds the One Ring, Gandalf leads the quest to destroy the ring and save Middle Earth. Not even a Balrog can stop this wizard from completing his journey!


Flavia de Luce – The Buckshaw Chronicles

Flavia de Luce is a genius. A bit mad, but a genius; and did I mention she's only 11 years old? The series starts with Flavia trying to solve a murder using science to prove her father's innocence. As an amateur chemist with a personal laboratory, Flavia uses reasoning and deduction to solve her case. Sherlock Holmes has nothing on this young detective!

Sandra Woolf

Sandra Woolf

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